saveONenergy Power Conservation Programs for Small Businesses

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has introduced the saveONenergy initiative, which provides funding for small business and household improvements to reduce and manage annual electricity consumption. As mentioned in one of our previous articles regarding the Canadian Government Funding Grants to Green Your Business, the saveONenergy programs support the implementation of energy saving measures by offering financial incentives and funding for equipment retrofits and energy audits.

Canadian Business Funding for Energy Audits and Retrofits

saveONenergy conservation programs are offered through local electric utility providers across Ontario. The following is list of programs are specifically offered as a means to reduce overall energy consumption from both commercial and retail customers:

  • Retrofit Program: Provides up to 50% of the project costs for the replacement of existing equipment and systems with new energy efficient alternatives.
  • High Performance Building Construction: Businesses can receive up to $10,000 or 100%  for developing building plans that exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the Ontario Building Code.
  • Process & Systems Upgrade: Receive up to 70% of expenses reimbursed for engineering and consultation studies regarding the development and implementation of an improved energy management system.
  • Audit Funding Program: Provides up to $35,000 or 50% of the expenses regarding a comprehensive evaluation of facility energy performance and identification of potential areas of improvement.
  • Existing Building Commissioning: Businesses can receive up to 50% of the eligible costs for upgrading their facility climate management systems with Chilled Water Cooling systems.

Program availability may vary depending on the provisions by your local electricity providers.

Learn More About Canadian Government Grants for Small Business

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