Strategic Consulting and Business Planning Services

Export Planning and Market Risk Analysis ServicesMentor Works’ team of Canadian business consultants help businesses by analyzing growth challenges and developing winning strategies. We routinely meet with business owners and executives to determine the root opportunities and threats facing your business, then develop plans for how to address these areas in a positive, growth-oriented perspective. Our goal is to help you better realize your business’ potential, and implement strategies for long-term success.

Work with us to develop and implement a sustainable pathway to growth, increased efficiency, and better profit margins.

Every client interaction starts with a complimentary assessment of your unique needs. After discovering the top growth constraints or opportunities facing your company, we can recommend next steps to move your company in a more profitable, competitive direction. Some of our most highly demanded services include:

Business Plan Development Services Business Plan Development
Supporting businesses through the development of business planning documentation for internal use, investment attraction, exit planning, and growth planning.
Request for Proposal Support Services Request for Proposal Services
Support on both sides of the RFP process: developing, posting, and managing your RFP, and managing proposal development in response to an RFP.
Export Planning and Export Market Entry Strategies Development Export Planning
Working directly with our team to develop a comprehensive export strategy to help you grow in new markets.

We achieve these goals by working with our clients to develop custom documentation and business planning materials that addresses their unique priorities. Our end deliverable is a comprehensive package that acts as the foundation of your business’ strategic alignment, investments, and growth.

Benefits of Using Mentor Works’ Business Planners

Through our consultative approach, we develop effective strategies to help your company grow. We work with your team to identify your existing challenges and develop strategies to help you overcome them. We understand our clients’ unique needs and priorities and develop strategies to support their growth. Our clients benefit from:

Business Plan Commercialization Strategy

Our team of experienced consultants and business planning professionals have extensive backgrounds in manufacturing, agriculture, ICT, and academia.
Export Planning and Execution Support Process
Our approach to business planning has a track record of success – whether it be gaining internal consensus and alignment on direction, or soliciting external investment, we can help.
Business Plan Human Resources and Training Plan Perspective
Working with a third party allows you to gain an outsider’s perspective on your operations and get valuable, objective, feedback on your operations and opportunities for improvement.
Export Planning and Supply Chain Analysis Services Planning
We help our clients plan and develop a strategy that will help them deliver on their sales and growth goals.

How We Can Help You

Working with Mentor Works will allow you to strategize and grow your business more effectively and efficiently. We help businesses across Canada grow by developing and deploying strategies that improve your bottom line, competitiveness, and help you reach your goals. This is done through the development of competitive government funding applications, business plans, investment planning packages, process optimization, and strategic planning.

Through our proven process of “Planning, Building, Enabling”, we help your company grow:

Plan: We partner with your firm to understand your unique needs as a business and work with you to develop the appropriate path forward. Whether it’s a short executive summary and investor pitch deck, or a full business plan with financial analysis, we’re able to develop a custom solution for your need.
Build: Our team develops your unique business documentation and presents a completed package that meets your needs.
Enable: Mentor Works provides you with the tools and resources to keep your documentation up-to-date and to use in a variety of settings. We’ll work with your team do deploy the strategic approach we created, optimize your processes, and develop internal ownership to ensure the benefits of working with our team are sustained.

Contact our team today to discuss business consulting services. We’ll begin with a complimentary assessment to determine your needs and develop a custom solution.

Business Planning and Export Strategy Development Services

Posted: January 18, 2019. Updated: April 16, 2019.