Testimonials for Mentor Works

Mentor Works is proud to be part of the Canadian government funding process for so many successful, growth-oriented businesses. Our comprehensive support throughout each stage of the funding cycle leads to powerful strategic relationships that fuel business growth; this is demonstrated by our clients’ continued government funding success. The relationship starts with a government funding Discovery Session, from there we can recommend government grants and loans that are well aligned towards your upcoming projects and discuss your submission options. To explore the full stories of some of our clients, read Mentor Works’ client spotlight blogs.

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Canadian Government Funding Testimonials for Mentor Works

  • Health Matters
    "Mentor Works helped us identify funding programs we were eligible for, explained how the application/submission/claims process works, and provided strategic direction on programs to apply for. Once submissions were in they were great at helping guide through the claims process. All the projects we’ve applied for with Mentor Works have had a positive outcome, so they have really helped grow our business."
    Advantage Health Matters / Alexandra Mamalider, Director, Business Strategy
  • Sodecia North America Canadian Government Funding
    “The process with Mentor Works was very smooth. [Their] greatest value is the fact that they know what kind of information the funding agency is waiting for, and do all of the writing based on client information. This takes some time and if we needed to do [the application] internally, it would delay the process.”
    Sodecia North America / Sonia Monteiro Moreira, Chief Financial Officer
  • Miovision
    "There were a few reasons we decided to use Mentor Works including; relationships with funding agencies, knowledge of government funding available and how to craft the application to maximize chance of success, high success rate and ability to assist with our resource capacity issue.”
    Miovision Technologies / Lauren Greig, Corporate Controller
  • Lindt
    “They educated us and provided further insight in grant programs the government offers, including training. They assisted us in every step of the process to complete the application, guided us in what next steps would look like, and eased the application process. I don’t know if we would have gone through with the grant application without their guidance as it was very robust and time consuming.”
    Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada), Inc. / Laura Lionetti, Human Resources Generalist
  • Therapure-Biopharma_2754342_18706_image (Custom)
    “The process of writing the application was also made easier with your ability to quickly understand our industry, business, and project and importantly your ability to position our story in a manner that caters towards the funding program’s mandates.”
    Therapure Biopharma / Mark Krause, Head of Plasma Proteins
  • Vitalis
    "You've been incredibly helpful and have consistently provided me with some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you!"
    Valitas Capital Partners / Louis Goldberg, Director, Investment Banking Coverage
  • HydraDyneTech
    “They walked us through the entire process and prepared all the necessary paperwork. Mentor Works followed up on our grant application from start until final approval.”
    Hydra Dyne Technology Inc. / Darko Dorakovski, Human Resources Manager
  • Chudleighs
    "Mentor Works has become a high value partner in our business growth strategy by providing us with highly effective resources (both knowledge and people). Chudleigh’s will continue to build our relationship with Mentor Works to gain access to appropriate funding that has, and will continue to, propel our business forward."
    Chudleigh’s Ltd. / Brent Winterton, Vice President Human Resources
  • horizn Canadian Government Funding Testimonial for Mentor Works
    "We would recommend Mentor Works, they are knowledgeable and action oriented. They have helped us secure funding from Government programs. We have worked with them in the past and continue to work with them and look forward to working with them in the future."
    Horizn / Robert Rubenstein, Managing Director
  • 9SOCAsalTwElF6t8mXVb3SxiYVC1591104823485_200x200
    "Mentor Works was great to work with, their team member Melissa provided valuable insights on the government program and application requirements. She fully understands the process and is very helpful when it comes to explaining the details on applying and what to expect.”
    Blanc Labs / Don Geerts, Director, Business Development