Testimonials for Mentor Works

Business consulting is about connecting with people, sharing ideas and finding solutions together. At Mentor Works, we have had the pleasure of working with great organizations and individuals across Canada who share our passion for growth and prosperity through funding. We partner with our clients, discuss cash flow planning strategies, and help them discover Canadian government grants and loans. It all starts with exploring the available small business funding programs, so register for a free workshop or webinar with us today!

Funding Events

Find out what our clients have to say about what we do and how we can help people move their small business forward.

  • Sodecia North America Canadian Government Funding
    “The process with Mentor Works was very smooth. [Their] greatest value is the fact that they know what kind of information the funding agency is waiting for, and do all of the writing based on client information. This takes some time and if we needed to do [the application] internally, it would delay the process.”
    Sodecia North America / Sonia Monteiro Moreira, Chief Financial Officer
  • Miovision
    "There were a few reasons we decided to use Mentor Works including; relationships with funding agencies, knowledge of government funding available and how to craft the application to maximize chance of success, high success rate and ability to assist with our resource capacity issue.”
    Miovision Technologies / Lauren Greig, Corporate Controller
  • Therapure-Biopharma_2754342_18706_image (Custom)
    “The process of writing the application was also made easier with your ability to quickly understand our industry, business, and project and importantly your ability to position our story in a manner that caters towards the funding program’s mandates.”
    Therapure Biopharma / Mark Krause, Head of Plasma Proteins
  • HydraDyneTech
    “They walked us through the entire process and prepared all the necessary paperwork. Mentor Works followed up on our grant application from start until final approval.”
    Hydra Dyne Technology Inc. / Darko Dorakovski, Human Resources Manager
  • Chudleighs
    "Mentor Works has become a high value partner in our business growth strategy by providing us with highly effective resources (both knowledge and people). Chudleigh’s will continue to build our relationship with Mentor Works to gain access to appropriate funding that has, and will continue to, propel our business forward."
    Chudleigh’s Ltd. / Brent Winterton, Vice President Human Resources
  • Canadian government funding for machine shops
    "By providing a streamlined process and knowledge of all the programs available, including proper completion of applications, [Mentor Works] saves us a tremendous amount of time and higher success rate in being awarded funding."
    Attica Manufacturing Inc. / Andy Mavrokefalos, Owner
  • foam-solutions
    "What I like about [Mentor Works] is the promptness in addressing a business' immediate opportunities. There’s no fluffy, floral version – just honest and straight-forward."
    Foam Solutions / Andrea Morris, Vice-President
  • BT Testimonial
    “I’m grateful for the funding opportunities that are available. The government really has their focus in the right place; that is to invest in areas that bring more revenue, more profitability, and ultimately more jobs to Ontario and Canada…I’m glad that there’s someone available like Mentor Works to [provide] communication with businesses."
    Brotech Precision CNC / Jerome Horowitz, Vice-President
  • Cambridge Pro Fab
    “The quality of equipment we’re buying will allow us to [re-allocate] labour and become more competitive, reduce costs, and increase productivity.”
    Cambridge Pro Fab / George Figueiredo, President & General Manager
  • Anderson-Water-Systems
    "Mentor Works did an outstanding job assisting Anderson with a very complex application process coupled with very tight deadlines. They did so in a professional manner and the results from the the aplication were positive. Excellent over all experience working with them."
    Anderson Water Systems / Steven Smith, Controller