Author: Chris Casemore

Client Spotlight: eBridge Software

eBridge Software was in need of financing to help with training of their development team, market development in the United States, research and development in product design, and development of new innovation software tools. These were significant undertakings that needed funding support beyond what the company could provide for themselves,

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Client Spotlight: Rimowa Luggage North America

This client spotlight will feature an internationally successful luggage company looking to grow their operations in Canada. Rimowa Luggage reached out to Mentor Works for assistance in securing growth funds in the form of government financing.

After determining what assistance Rimowa was eligible for, Bernadeen and Mentor Works applied for the

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Do You Need Help Commercializing Your Innovations?

The downturn of the economy has wreaked havoc on many small businesses’ cash budgets. Technology companies that invest in research and development of new innovations are finding it harder to bring their advancements to market due to these financial constraints.

Fortunately, The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation has created the

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Benefits of the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

How to Benefit from the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC)
If you are an Ontario business that developed interactive digital media products, the OIDMTC can assist you with labour, marketing and distribution expenditures.
Is My Company Eligible?
Canadian companies that develop eligible products at a permanent Ontario establishment and file an

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