Canadian Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2012

AMEXPO 2012 offers a promising opportunity for Canadian businesses and industry professionals to collaborate and share their recent technological discoveries and process innovations with Canada’s advanced manufacturing community. The two day event will also feature several educational workshops where businesses can learn about the potential breakthroughs that are currently receiving research and development funding and their implications on the future of the advanced manufacturing industry. AMEXPO 2012 is promises to be one of the largest events for Canadian manufacturing professionals that are looking to discover, learn, and network within the advanced manufacturing community.

When: September 25th – 26th, 2012

Where: Toronto International Centre – Mississauga, ON, Canada

For more information on the event and registration details, please contact one of the AMEXPO Representatives. Businesses interested in acquiring a booth and exhibiting may also want to check out their Special Limited Time Offer for Exhibitors.

Canadian Government Grants for Showcasing Products and Innovations

Many Canadian SMEs are unaware of the small business government grants and programs for marketing materials and travel for international tradeshows. Listed below are some of the Ontario Government funding programs that are currently available for these types of activities:

  • Export Market Access (EMA) – This program provides up to $30K or 50% of the expenses regarding a targeted international marketing campaign involving international tradeshows and conferences. These would include the required marketing materials as well as travel and accommodation expenses.
  • CME SMART Prosperity Now – The SMART Prosperity Now program provides up to $75K or 33.33% of eligible project costs directed towards the market expansion of Canadian manufacturers with an export focus. This program would cover a wide range of expected project costs including tradeshow expenses as well as prototyping and capital equipment expenditures.
  • Going Global Innovation Program (GGI) – The GGI program is directed towards businesses that are looking to form prosperous relationships with international partners in the science and tech industries. The program provides up to $75K in business funding grants for a contribution of 75% of the expected project costs.

To access information on a selection of Canada’s additional Small Business Funding Grants, please visit our Canadian Government Funding Directory for Business Expansion. For additional information and advice on any of the programs mentioned in today’s article, please contact a Canadian Government Funding Expert or inquire about one of our Canadian Government Funding Workshops. For those looking receive regular updates pertaining to grant funding for business, sign up for our Weekly Canadian Government Funding Newsletter or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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