CTMA’s Apprentice Bursary Awards Reduce Manufacturing Labour Gap

Canadian Tooling and Machining Association Apprentice Bursary Sponsorships

The Canadian economy’s success is heavily dependent on the contributions made from the manufacturing industry. Creating high-value, high-paying jobs in manufacturing (especially advanced manufacturing jobs) will ensure that Canada is able to remain competitive with other nations in coming years. However, before Canada reaches this vision, it must ensure that there is enough skilled labour to sustain the industry.

Many economists and manufacturing leaders are signaling that there isn’t enough manufacturing talent in Canada to support the industry’s growth. While many solutions are aimed at hiring economic immigrants, few programs focus on the development of internal Canada. To address this skills gap now (and into the future), Canadian manufacturers should consider all programs to consistently develop and benefit from skilled labour.

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Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) Take Action to Reduce Skills Gap

The Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) represents and promotes the interests of tooling and manufacturing companies across Canada. As advocates of the industry to all levels of government, the Association effectively promotes issues and supports member businesses. CTMA also hosts manufacturing training programs, such as their innovative Introductory Trades Training Program to encourage more youth to become involved in skilled trades.

CTMA Apprentice Bursary Award Program

During CTMA’s annual general meeting (AGM) in September, the association awards apprentices and pre-apprentices with bursaries and gifts (such as books, equipment, and supplies) to encourage the development of skilled labour in Canada.

CTMA Apprentice Bursary Awards are funded through the George H. Shaffer Education Fund, administered by CTMA. The Fund is supported through donations from CTMA members, as well as other manufacturers that wish to support the development of manufacturing skills in Canada. Businesses who would like to support this bursary can do so by completing and submitting a sponsorship form.

Members of CTMA also have the ability to nominate apprentices or pre-apprentices for the bursary. Member companies can nominate up to three youth to receive funding, however youth applicants must also apply to be considered.

Nominate an Apprentice or Pre-Apprentice – CTMA Members

To nominate youth candidates or donate towards these bursaries, businesses should contact CTMA as soon as possible. The final date for CTMA members to nominate youth for funding is June 17, 2016. Manufacturers can become a bursary sponsor by accessing the sponsorship form “Get Started” button below.

Get Started

Canadian Government Funding for Training Manufacturing Employees

Canadian manufacturers can use several Canadian government grants and incentives to train their workforce. One of these small business grants, the Canada Job Grant, supports the third-party training of employees to help them build new skills and provide enhanced productivity. There are many provincial variants of the Canada Job Grant, including the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) which can be used by manufacturers across Ontario. Manufacturers may receive up to 66% of training costs to a maximum $10,000 per employee to provide training programs that improve the skills or abilities of employees.

When used in association with other funding for hiring and training, the Canada Job Grant is an excellent method to reduce skills gaps and empower your team.

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