How to Qualify for the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

Build in Canada Innovation Program BCIP First Procurement Program for Canadian Businesses

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a first-procurement program developed and supported by the Government of Canada. Through BCIP, the Canadian government will evaluate applicants’ innovations for the opportunity to have first access to new technologies and other innovative products/services from Canadian sources. Likewise, businesses across Canada will have the ability to test and sell their technologies to a branch of the Canadian government, who can continue to develop and support the innovation.

To buy, test, and integrate new technologies, the Canadian government will provide a financial offer to projects that show a high degree of support for current or future government initiatives. While most streams will offer testing support towards the technology created by entrepreneurs and small businesses, with testing cost coverage up to $500,000, applicants that submit an innovative military technology could receive up to $1 million in testing cost coverage.

As per recent updates to the Build in Canada Innovation Program, applicants may now submit proposals on a continuous basis. Applicants will also be able to sell their innovation to multiple government departments or agencies.

Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) – Applicant Eligibility

BCIP is largely available to Canadian businesses across the country. Since innovations should provide the Government of Canada with abilities or benefits they do not currently have, applicants must demonstrate the innovation’s utility, in addition to being either:

  • A Canadian company, for-profit or not-for-profit organization, or university;
  • A partnership, economic cluster, or post-secondary collaboration; or
  • An international entity with an eligible Canadian Bidder.

Furthermore, applicants must:

  • Own their innovative product’s IP (intellectual property) rights;
  • Ensure the product contains at least 80% Canadian-made resources;
  • Not be generating revenue from the product at application time; and
  • Be chosen by a government department as a buyer of your product.

Projects Eligible to Participate in the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

The Build in Canada Innovation Program has been designed to support specific government priorities. The following 10 priority areas should be considered when assessing the programs fit, however the examples of projects are only a guide.

To identify innovations that are pre-qualified for BCIP, visit the Government of Canada’s program website.

Standard Component Stream:

  • Environment: Improving the efficiency of traditional and alternative (renewable) environmental technologies, enhancing energy conservation, monitoring/reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Safety and Security: Critical infrastructure protection, emergency management systems, surveillance, network security, communications technologies.
  • Health: Food assurance and tracking systems, monitoring or tracking of health effects, public health and research, assistive devices.
  • Enabling Technologies: Technologies that improves the productivity, sustainability, or communication of people through information and communications technology (ICT), information management, nanotechnologies, or biotechnologies.

Military Component Stream:

  • Command & Support: Communications and navigation equipment, earth and space-based vehicles and systems, health care, training.
  • Cyber Security: Communications systems and components, navigation systems and radar/sonar components, software and other smart systems to prevent systems becoming compromised.
  • Protecting the Soldier: Combat vehicles and equipment, firearms and other weaponry, munitions, naval system and component creation, repair, or maintenance.
  • Arctic and Maritime Security: Aircraft fabrication, communications and navigations systems, radar and sonar components, fire control, guidance systems, missiles, rockets, and drones.
  • In-Service Support: Aircraft and other combat vehicles/components, naval systems and components, and simulation systems.
  • Training Systems: Programs, modules, or software that will let operators become trained on the innovation prior to using it in-field.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Regardless of the stream or priority area chosen by an applicant, all innovations must meet the technology readiness level (TRL) requirement before they can be sold. Applicants of the Build in Canada Innovation Program should have a technology that is currently at a TRL 7-9.

  • TRL 7: Prototype is ready to demonstrate in a realistic environment. The innovation has been developed but all activities at this phase support field testing.
  • TRL 8: Technology is complete and has been verified in a realistic environment. At this phase, businesses will assess the technology’s utility for the end-user and make final adjustments to provide greater value.
  • TRL 9: Technology has been proven in a realistic trial or setting. Here, innovations are being applied and could be used immediately by the government.

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