Mentor Works Small Business Funding Events: May 2015

Canadian Government Grant Funding

Mentor Works will be visiting many cities across Ontario this month, with Canadian government small business funding events spanning throughout the Waterloo, Ottawa, Windsor, and Toronto regions. In addition, a number of webinar sessions are available for those who are not able to attend in-person or are looking to find out more specific information. If you would like to attend any of these workshop or webinar sessions on Canadian business grants and loans, please register via the links below and  be sure to connect with us while you’re there. Browse the list of funding events below and enjoy free registration for any of the open events that interest you based on your business’ funding needs.

Bernadeen McLeod’s Events in May

May 4: Agri-Funding Webinar

Are you operating in the agriculture or agri-food sector? Learn from Bernadeen, the Canadian government funding expert to learn how you can take advantage of industry-specific grants and loans. Tailored to the Ontario food industry, you will learn about new Canadian government funding programs that have been released over the last several months.

May 6: Lifecycle Funding: Leveraging Grants & Government Incentives in Your Business Presentation

Does your company develop new products or processes? Do they create digital media? The Toronto Region Board of Trade welcomes Bernadeen to discuss Ontario government funding and tax credits available through several provincial programs.

May 13: OCI Workshop

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) is the leading voice of the Canadian nuclear supply chain. Bernadeen will be joining to discuss cash flow planning options and strategies for maximizing investment in your business. Understand the barriers that SMEs face and how government funding can help to overcome these challenges, speeding up growth and providing larger returns.

May 25: Manufacturing Funding Webinar

The highly anticipated CME SMART grant for Southern Ontario manufacturers offers businesses up to $100,000 or 35% of project costs related to purchasing on the adoption of advanced technologies. Do you qualify? Want to know more? Register for this webinar today.

May 28: Communitech Leadership Conference

Tech Leadership Conference is the largest annual all-day gathering of tech decision makers in Waterloo Region. Technologies still on the horizon can be outdated in months, so staying ahead of the curve requires a clear vision and corporate identity. Equally important is finding government funding to cover the accumulated expense of constant improvements. Let Bernadeen show you how this is possible, and never let lack of funding hinder your company’s growth and innovation again!

Alex Barlow’s Events in May

May 8: Training Grants Webinar

Leading this webinar, Alex will help you understand how training grants can dramatically strengthen your workforce. Learn how to receive 66.6% of your training costs back per trainee, up to $10,000 in the form of grant funding. Training your workforce will no longer be a financial burden and employees will become further empowered with new skills and ideas. Register now to confirm your spot!

May 12: Invest Ottawa Government Funding Session

Mentor Works will be speaking at an upcoming Invest Ottawa session on funding for Eastern Ontario businesses. If you are an established business in Ottawa or the surrounding region, this is a great opportunity to connect with Alex Barlow who will answer your funding questions and help you build a funding strategy.

May 26: EMC Event in Windsor

Are you a manufacturer in the Windsor region? Are you a CEO, President, or Senior Manager? If so, the Windsor – Essex Consortium Business Briefing is an event that you don’t want to miss. Offered by the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) of Canada, the briefing will include important discussions on the challenges, strategies, opportunities and solutions (including government funding options!) which manufacturers are adopting in order to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

Laura Hunter Mather’s Events in May

May 26: EMC Event in Windsor

Laura will also be attending the Windsor – Essex Consortium Business Briefing, mentioned above. Mentor Works is excited to be a part of this event, and Laura would be happy to discuss government grant and funding opportunities with those in attendance.

Unable to Attend? Stay In-the-Know for Canadian Government Grants

We are excited to be hosting or speaking at all of these business development events, and we would love to see you there! If you are not able to attend a session in person, please utilise Mentor Works’ live webinars to stay updated on current Canadian government funding programs as well as future business grants and loans events.

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