RBC Business Learning Series: Small Business Grants & Productivity Tips

Canadian Government Grants for Small Business Innovation

RBC has recently announced free monthly business advice and networking sessions. Providing local business executives with the insights they need in order to become more successful, RBC has gathered speakers with a wealth of information to address your unique business concerns.

Included in this series, Bernadeen McLeod of Mentor Works will be discussing government grants and funding. Her keynote will focus on everything that you should know about finding and obtaining grants for small businesses; this is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Other keynote presentations will also focus on immigration partnerships and business expansion strategies.

Speaker Profiles

Cindy Lane Tarasow (Immigration Partnership/ Diversity Solutions)
Tuesday May 5, 2015
Cindy is the Founder and CEO at Pomegranate Canada Inc. Sharing her insight on “New Hire Feedback Day 1- 10-30 Days”, you will gain valuable insight into managing new employees and allow them to work towards their fullest potential.

Bernadeen McLeod (Mentor Works Ltd.)
Tuesday June 2, 2015
Bernadeen is the President and Founder of Mentor Works, the Canadian government funding experts. Presenting “Government Grants and Funding – What You Should Know”, Bernadeen will aid those in attendance to understand what type of government funding is available and how it can be used to expand their business’ potential.

Tyrone H. Matheson (Business Improvement Specialist)
Tuesday July 7, 2015
Tyrone is a management consultant who specializes in continuous business improvement. He aims to help organizations create a culture of purpose, transparency, accountability and profit by aligning the right people to the right activities. His talk on “7 Steps to a Self-Managed Business” will assist those in attendance to identify, then correct weaknesses within their businesses.

Register for Keynotes on Business Expansion, Ontario Small Business Grants and Beyond

Attendees will receive exposure to foreign employee management practices, continuous improvement techniques, and how businesses can benefit from business grants and funding. Simply attend these exclusive business events hosted by RBC on the first Tuesday of each month to network with executives and take away valuable information that you can use immediately. Whether your focus is on business expansion, hiring and training new employees, or how to communicate more effectively with employees, these sessions are guaranteed to be informative.

Time: 7:30 to 8:30 A.M, Agenda: 30 minute open networking/ 15-20 minute presentation.
Location: RBC Royal Bank Building: 248 King Street North, Waterloo, ON

Admission is complimentary, but registration by email is mandatory:

Deborah Wishart at 519-747-8075 deborah.wishart@rbc.com
Merry Bounpraseuth at 519-575-2203 merry.bounpraseuth@rbc.com

Other Webinars on Ontario Small Business Grants and Loans

If you are unable to attend the sessions above, Mentor Works offers regular webinars and workshops across Ontario to educate businesses on Canadian government grants, and repayable funding. Please browse our upcoming business funding events to register for a future event or subscribe to our funding e-newsletter to receive announcements of future funding events.

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