SolarLiving Show: Transfer Your Business to Clean Energy

The SolarLiving Show looks to provide expert advice and support for businesses that are considering the possibility of integrating clean energy systems into their facilities and operations. Recently, Canadian Government Grants for Research and Development have led to new developments by the University of Toronto in solar cell technologies.  These breakthroughs promise to improve efficiencies and reduce costs of solar powered energy systems. As energy prices in Southern Ontario continue to rise, alternative energy systems are gaining credibility as a viable solution to cut costs and indirect carbon emissions. The SolarLiving Show will provide an opportunity for businesses to discuss the implementation measures for a viable alternative energy system that would improve a business’ environmental performance and bottom line.

When: September 6-7, 2012

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – 255 Front St. W. Toronto, ON

To find out more about the event or ticket sales, please contact one of the SolarLiving Event Representatives.

Ontario Business Grants for Renewable Energy Upgrades

Businesses that are looking to reduce their business’ energy consumption may also want to consider some of the following Canadian Government grants for clean energy systems:

  • PAIESO Program – This program could support up to 50% or $300K per project for the installation of thermal or photovoltaic (PV) installations. These upgrades would drastically reduce the fossil fuel dependency of the industrial and commercial sector in Canada.
  • Northern Ontario Energy Program – Businesses in Northern Ontario can receive up to $100K or 50% of the eligible project costs for the purchase and installation of a renewable energy generation system.
  • Toronto Hydro SaveONenergy Program – Small businesses located within the GTA can receive a deduction of up to 50% of their project costs including energy performance audits and facility equipment retrofits.

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