Goal Setting and Teamwork: The Pillars of Business Success

I have always been expected to work hard and be a high achiever, perhaps because I was raised in a traditional Chinese family. My father was extremely influential in shaping this dynamic; relationships and parties were off limits until my university studies were complete. By age 20, I had never gone out to a club, drank to the point of intoxication, visited a friend’s cottage, or gone on a vacation without my family. I was always expected to be top of my class, to always be obedient, and to be exemplary in every other way.

While these types of restrictions and expectations are difficult for most people to come to terms with, I realize my parents’ high standards and anticipation of a prosperous future were born out of love and concern, with the hope to grow me into a strong and independent person. Through all of this, they taught me underlying core values that are applicable for both my own professional development and business success.

Pressure Enhances Goal Setting and Accomplishment

When I was in high school, I would complete classes in the afternoon, then work in my parents’ restaurant until 11:00pm. Once home, I would do homework until after midnight and then head to bed once my work was completed. This seemed to become my ‘normal’ schedule throughout high school. The pressure was intense since I had to balance both school and work, however this pressure to work hard also had its benefits. It was quite easy for me to get admission from both University of Toronto and University of Waterloo, of which I was offered full scholarships.

Had I not been exposed to the pressures of working so hard, my goals of being accepted into one of Ontario’s most prestigious universities might not have been possible. Recognizing pressures, then rising to overcome them will help to accelerate accomplishments and make people (or businesses) better prepared for their next challenge.

Teamwork Plays a Major Role in Achieving Success

When I moved away to university, I became challenged academically for the first time in my life. I quickly realized that I should join a study group and review course material with classmates who could provide expertise in certain subjects. As I used my strengths to solve problems they were having and they did the same for me, we were able to inspire each other to become stronger and more confident. By the end of the semester, I had built new friendships and felt a great sense of achievement because all of us working together accomplished more than we would have been able to do alone.

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Successful Businesses Need a Diverse Team of Experts

My past experiences have taught me the importance of setting personal goals, dealing with pressure, and finding the right team to support the achievement of goals. No one is perfect; no one possesses every skillset to overcome all challenges. An exceptional business needs an equally strong team to help it succeed; having a reliable team to fill talent gaps and use their expertise will help a business solve problems and create successful strategies.

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