UOIT Expands Capacity for Research and Development Collaboration

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) has recently completed their Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre (ERC). The new building will provide the university with the learning environment and tools required for expansion upon their research and development efforts into alternative energy sources.

UOIT is a new and innovative university located in Oshawa Ontario that began accepting students in 2003. The university offers a wide array of programs with their focus centering primarily on the science and technology fields of study. The young age of the school allows for most of the equipment and techniques to be considered cutting edge by industry standards. The university now possesses the capabilities to conduct new and innovative R&D projects in collaboration with private enterprises.

Collaboration for Research and Development Funding

SMEs are often looking for new technologies and efficient processes that would improve the productivity or sustainability of their business’s processes. There is a wide variety of business funding grants that would promote a project to adapt or develop new technologies through collaboration with post-secondary institutions. Some of the Canadian Government Grants that would apply to a Private Enterprise and Post-Secondary collaboration include  NSERC Engage, OCE Problem Solving Fund, SD Tech Fund and other Strategic Network Grants. These Government Funding Programs would allow for Canadian SMEs to have access to the research and critical thinking capabilities of Canadian Universities and Colleges. The relationships that form from these projects will hopefully lead to a solution that will benefit Canadian Industries and allow for businesses to recruit promising young graduates for their organizations. A partnership with UOIT would be especially beneficial for businesses that are looking to reduce their energy use or implement the use of alternative fuel sources. UOIT possesses some of Canada’s the leading minds and technologies regarding clean energy technologies.

Applications for Research and Development Grants

For those who are interested in learning more about UOIT’s new Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre, please contact one of their University Representatives. We recommend our list of available Canadian government funding programs for those who are interested in learning more about Research and Development Grants. For any additional information on the application processes regarding any of the programs mentioned in today’s blog, please contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Planners.

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