Accelerating Canadian Business Expansion – Canada’s Technology Triangle

Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT) is a not-for-profit organization that markets the investment opportunities and businesses of the Waterloo Region to attract foreign investment. They provide services to the businesses around the K-W and Cambridge Regions to help them improve their global marketing campaigns and accelerate the process of their business development.

CTT’s goals are to actively seek potential investors and buyers for local businesses and their products by helping them to advertise and develop a competitive advantage to compete with global markets. The organization facilitates economic growth in the Waterloo Region by communicating the technological advancements and investment opportunities of this area to the rest of the world. In this respect, the CTT would act similarly to some the Canadian Government Funding Mechanisms like the Export Market Access Grant, CME SMART Prosperity Initiative, and Going Global Innovation that help to fund business’s efforts towards expansion into global markets.  The overall target objective of the CTT is to bring in new funds and investments from foreign sources to fuel Canada’s economy.

Global Expansion Strategies

CTT’s strategy is heavily weighted on the development of partnerships with foreign businesses. These partnerships are intended to attract foreign investment and facilitate growth and prosperity in the Waterloo Region. One of the methods used to foster new relationships with foreign countries is Canadian Direct Investment Abroad (CDIA). This acts as a means to develop a rapport with other countries to facilitate trade and attract foreign direct investment from their businesses. In the past, CDIA has been primarily concentrated in the US and Europe. However, the Canada’s Technology Triangle is also looking to foster stronger relationships with other rapidly developing countries that operate in similar industries to the Waterloo Region. The increasing rate of globalization improves the potential for these relationships to promote wealth creation and business development in Canada.

Strategic Advantages of CTT

The Canadian Technology Triangle provides their partners with the benefits and opportunities required to help their businesses grow into secure and profitable organizations. CTT also provides their partners with up-to-date news and information on potential growth opportunities including relevant Canadian Government Funding Opportunities and Business Incentive Programs.  If you are interested in becoming a partner of this organization, please contact a CTT Representative. For more information on business growth strategies and Canadian Government Funding Opportunities, subscribe to our blog or contact Mentor Works, The Government Funding Experts.

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