Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream 2014 Deadlines

Canada Media Fund Government Loan for Digital Media

The Canada Media Fund, a low interest loan for digital media companies, has announced its deadlines for all three segments of the Experimental Stream for 2014. We have discussed the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream in the past, so please refer to our Canada Media Fund Overview Blog for more general information on the program. The digital media project in question must serve the general Canadian public as end consumers.

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream: Digital Media Loan 2014 Deadlines

Currently a conditional loan of prime + 1%, this digital media funding program will support companies throughout the product lifecycle. Two deadlines are issued each year for the Canada Media Fund; one spring deadline and another fall deadline. The following deadlines have been announced for 2014:

  • Development Stream: May 13 and October 7, 2014.
  • Production Stream: April 22 and September 23, 2014.
  • Marketing & Promotion Stream: May 13 and October 7, 2014.

Overview of the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

Funded by the Canadian Heritage Fund and administered by Telefilm & Canada Media Fund, this program provides the following cost coverage for each stream:

  • Development Stream: Up to $1,000,000 or 75% of eligible costs as a repayable advance.
  • Production Stream: Up to $400,000 or 75% of eligible costs as a recoupable investment.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Up to $400,000 or 75% of eligible costs as a recoupable advance.

Eligible Expenses via Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

Successful companies can receive loan funding towards their project related costs for the duration of the outlined project. Please keep in mind that these costs need to be related to whatever stream you are applying to, whether it is the development, production, or marketing and promotion of the digital media. You can only apply to one stream at a time. Eligible expenses for the Canada Media Fund include:

  • Salaries and related benefits/wages/contracts for project teams;
  • Research and preparation of the content;
  • Hardware and software infrastructure;
  • Expenses to make digital media live, including copyright clearance, documentation, translation costs, etc.;
  • Travel & accommodations;
  • Project audit expenses;
  • Marketing & promotions; and
  • Other technical and admin costs.

Get Started: Apply for the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream


If you would like to learn more about the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream, please contact a Canadian Government Funding Expert with a project theme and we will assess your company and project’s eligibility for this Canadian government loan program. Mentor Works will be covering other funding loans and grants for software developers throughout 2014, so be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay up-to-date on funding news related to your business.

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