How to Apply for the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

bigstock-Casual-businessman-working-in--13106537The Canada Media Fund is a not-for-profit organization that supports Canada’s innovative digital media content and software producers with business loans funding up to 75% or $400K to a maximum $1 million depending on the project focus. The Experimental Stream supports the development, production and promotion of innovative, interactive content intended for use in Canadian media industry or for public use by Canadians.

Canada Media Fund for Innovative & Interactive Digital Media Content: Applicant Eligibility

In order to be eligible for small business loans through the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream digital media producers must meet the following criterion:

  • Be a For-Profit companies (taxable Canadian corporation)

(NOTE: NFPs are not eligible as applicants but can be a minority partner or co-producer)

  • Be a Canadian-controlled company
  • Have a head office based in Canada, or
  • Be a Canadian public or private broadcaster licensed by the CRTC

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream’s Business Loans -Project Focuses

Applicants must apply for the Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Stream with one of the following three focuses, each of which have their own objectives and maximum funding values:

  1. Development: Up to $400,000 for development related activities.
  2. Production: Up to $1,000,000 for activities related to commercializing your digital media for the Canadian market.
  3. Marketing & Promotion: Up to $400,000 to improve brand exposure and product knowledge via marketing and promotional activities within Canada.

Canada Media Fund Business Loans for Digital Media Content Production: Project Eligibility

The following outline what projects are considered eligible for Canada small business loans funding through the Canada Media Fund:

  • Web 2.0 or higher applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Software applications with a connection to the Canadian cultural sector
  • Videogames, whether for PC, console, handheld console, mobile or other platforms
  • Projects that contain both linear, audiovisual content and significant interactivity

Canada Media Fund: Expense Eligibility

The following expenses are eligible for funding support through Canadian business loans:

  • 75% Salaries, benefits, wages for project teams (Global Project management, preparation, digitization, development of interpretive materials, editing and proofreading)
  • 75% Contractors related to project team
  • 75% Technology infrastructure (hardware & software)
  • 75% Expenses to put content online, including copyright clearance, documentation, design and development, translation costs
  • 75% Hardware & software — technology infrastructure
  • 75% Research & preparation of content, project audit fees, technical and admin expenses, marketing and promotion

Learn More About the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

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