Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream Grants for Interactive Digital Media Content

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) supports innovative, interactive digital media content or software projects that are produced, developed, and promoted by Canadian businesses. One of CMF’s funding streams, the Experimental Stream, was expanded last year and now includes two programs, including the well-known Innovation Program and a new Commercial Project Pilot Program (C3P). Through these programs, Canadian businesses could receive up to $300,000 or $1.2 million in repayable government funding, depending on the stream applied for.

Learn if You’re Eligible: Read the CMF Experimental Eligibility Blog to learn the program’s unique eligibility criteria, including which businesses, projects, and expenses may be accepted for the program.

Changes to the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

Several changes to CMF Experimental will impact how applicants interact with the program. Most notably:

New Program: Commercial Projects Pilot Program (C3P)

The Canada Media Fund will support a new program, the ‘Commercial Projects Pilot Program’ (C3P) in addition to their established ‘Innovation Program’. This enhancement means that Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream now consist of two programs and four streams, organized as follows:

Program 1: Innovation Program ($30.5 Million Funding Pool in 2016-2017)

CMF’s Innovation program focuses on the development, production, and promotion for interactive digital media content and software applications through:

  • Development Stream – Up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum $300,000;
  • Production Stream– Up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum $1,000,000;
  • Marketing and Promotion Stream – Up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum $400,000;

Program 2: Commercial Projects Pilot Program (C3P) ($10 Million Funding Pool in 2016-2017)

The new C3P program will specifically focus on commercial interactive digital media projects that have large budgets, but provide a greater return on investment once the project is complete:

  • Production Stream – Up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum $1,200,000;

Changes to CMF Experimental Stream’s Innovation Program

  • To become eligible for the Marketing & Promotion stream, applicants must have successfully received CMF Production Stream contributions in the past;
  • Applicants will be able to receive a maximum $1 million in Canadian government funding through the Production Stream. This contribution has been decreased from its previous limit of $1.2 million; and
  • Applicants will not be able to receive small business funding for “casino-type games”.

Apply for the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

To get started with the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream, businesses must submit a complete application form that specifies which stream they will be applying for. CMF will process applications during a series of intake dates, noted below:

Innovation Program

  • Production: September 27, 2016.
  • Development: May 10, 2016 AND October 25, 2016.
  • Marketing & Promotion: May 10, 2016 AND October 25, 2016.

Commercial Projects Pilot Program

  • Production: September 13, 2016

How to Apply for CMF Canadian Government Loans for Digital Media Content

To get started with the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream, businesses will need to submit an online application that details their organization type, proposed project details, and financial details, among other information. These applications are approximately 30 pages in length and also require supplementary information to be considered by the government funding.

The best way that a business can get started is by completing a Project Expense Planning & Funding Calculator. Here, businesses can identify how much government funding support can be obtained through all funding programs, not just the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream. Then, with a working project budget, businesses will be able to take next steps such as applying for Canadian government grants and loans.

Eligibility Requirements for CMF Experimental Stream Business Loans

To become eligible for CMF Experimental Stream funding, businesses must consider the following requirements:

Small Business Funding: Applicant Eligibility

To become eligible to participate in the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream, businesses must be:

  • For-profit; and
  • Based in Canada; or
  • A Canadian broadcaster that is licensed by the CRTC.

Digital Media Project Eligibility

To submit a valid project for funding, businesses must ensure that the project:

  • Is owned and developed by Canadians;
  • Is produced in Canada with at least 75% of costs being Canadian (Development and Production Streams), or 50% of costs being Canadian (Marketing & Promotion)
  • Will remain Canadian-owned throughout production.

Eligible Projects Include: Web 2.0 or higher applications, mobile applications, videogames, or any project that contains both audio and visual content AND requires significant interactivity.

Ineligible Projects Include: Film or television production, promotional content, curriculum-based products, catalogues or repurposed material, system software, casino-type games.

Learn More About the Canada Media Fund: Experimental Stream

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