Canada-Ontario Job Grant: Small Business Funding Eligibility

Ontario Government Grants via Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) has proved to be one of the most popular government funding grants available to Ontario employers looking to train their workforce. Since its launch in September 2014, COJG has subsidized over 21,000 workers’ training plans in Ontario, improving skillsets and helping to fill the province’s most in-demand skilled labour positions. Through the program, businesses may receive up to 66% of training costs (up to $10,000 per trainee) to provide third-party training for their employees. With over $115 million to be allocated by 2017, small businesses across the province should access these training grants to further develop their employees’ skills and increase company capabilities.

Ideal Training Programs for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Not all employee training programs are eligible to receive COJG government grants. The funding program requires that businesses engage in third-party training in order to be eligible. In-house training does not qualify to receive government funding through this job grant. Training programs that have the best opportunity of receiving funding include those that:

  • Impact an employee’s role;
  • Impact an employee’s job title;
  • Increases and employee’s salary;
  • Enables job creation; and
  • Provides the business with new abilities.

Business and Employee Eligibility to Receive Ontario Government Grants

Hundreds of organizations in Ontario have successfully received funding for their training initiatives. When compared to other Canadian government funding programs, COJG is flexible in its nature, as it does not have restrictions on what type of businesses are eligible. There are currently no restrictions based on the company’s revenue, incorporation, number of employees, or ability to export. However, funding does need to take place in Ontario and the applicant must be an incorporated Ontario organization.

There are restrictions on which employees are eligible to receive government funded training. Individuals trained under the grant must be:

  • An Ontario resident;
  • A Canadian citizen;
  • A permanent resident or protected person;
  • Not currently active in a full-time education program;
  • Sponsored by their employer; and
  • Participating in Ontario-based training.

Eligible Expenses for COJG Ontario Government Grants

Businesses will be able to recover up to 66% of the expenses for training-related costs, such as:

  • Third-party trainer costs;
  • Tuition for continuing education courses;
  • Student and examination fees;
  • Textbooks and course materials; and
  • Training-related software.

For businesses with fewer than 50 employees, a portion of employee payroll costs can also be factored into your total funding received. Up to 1/6 of wages can be claimed during the training period, which contributes towards the maximum of $10,000 per trainee funding limit.

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Small Business Grants and Government Funding Resources

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