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Aerospace research and development Ontario government grants

Ontario’s aerospace industry is a world leader, thanks to their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The industry, which employs over 17,000 people, is responsible for over $462 million in annual research and development spending and earns over $5.3 billion in revenue every year. To continue fuelling these research and development (R&D) activities, the Ontario provincial and federal governments have created the $2.5 million OCE Aerospace R&D Initiative.

Aerospace R&D Challenge Research Grants Program Focus

As government grant funding provided by the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC), the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), the Aerospace R&D Challenge will enable businesses to leverage up to $400,000 per project to address industry needs such as supply chain development, systems and sensors technology, and other challenges currently experienced in the aerospace industry. Businesses will have the opportunity to participate in academic research partnerships to research, develop, and test innovative technologies and solutions.

Funding Streams for Aerospace Research Grants Ontario

To access up to $400,000 towards upcoming aerospace research and development projects, businesses must apply to the Aerospace R&D Challenge through one of two funding streams:

Stream 1: OCE and NSERC Research Grants and Incentives

Applicants in Stream 1 of the Aerospace R&D Challenge will receive up to $80,000 in Ontario government grants from OCE, which provides direct support for academic partnerships with an accredited college or university in Ontario. Funding provided by OCE must be matched 2:1 by applicants, which can be divided evenly through cash and in-kind contributions, however 100% of the amount requested from OCE must be provided in company cash contributions. Up to $160,000 will be provided through NSERC, allowing businesses to access up to twice their cash contributions towards the project.

Ontario Aerospace R D Challenge Ontario Centres of Excellence Where Next Happens

Stream 2: OCE, NSERC, and CARIC Co-Funding

Funding though stream two is similar to stream one, except that NSERC and CARIC will share the costs of the $160,000 contribution. To be eligible for this stream, a project must:

  • Have a minimum of two industry partners and two academic partners;
  • Have at least one industry and one academic partner based in Ontario; and
  • Have all applicants and industry partners be members of CARIC, either currently or upon project approval.

Ontario government grants awarded through stream 2 will be awarded according to the calculations of stream 1.

Company Eligibility for Aerospace Research Grants and Incentives

Businesses seeking to apply for Aerospace R&D Challenge funding must meet the following basic requirements, including:

  • Must conduct R&D and/or manufacture in Ontario;
  • Must be able to provide 2:1 cash and in-kind funding to complement OCE funding;
  • Must select an academic institution to carry out project testing;
  • Must be able to manage intellectual property which arises from project;
  • Must be in good financial standing; and
  • Must not have more than $100,000 in outstanding OCE projects.

Projects Eligible to Receive Aerospace R&D Funding

A variety of activities may be funded through this collaborative research funding, including:

  • Experimental design;
  • Pilot projects;
  • Experiments and data-collection;
  • Testing in laboratories;
  • Meetings and workshops;
  • Development of highly-qualified personnel; and
  • Development of intellectual property.

Preference for funding will be given to applications which:

  • Demonstrate immediate benefit to aerospace industry supply chains, leading to new products, processes, and services;
  • Demonstration of innovative solutions for industry challenges;
  • Are likely to have economic benefit for the Ontario or Canadian economy;
  • Provide training opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows; and
  • Provide tangible deliverables through new processes, technology, job creation, and benefits to society.

Apply for Aerospace R&D Challenge Ontario Government Funding

These government grants for research and development require a two-stage application process, beginning with an expression of intent (EOI) sent to OCE for review. To be considered for application, businesses must send their expressions of intent by 12:00pm on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Applicants who have successfully been approved by the EOI review committee must then submit a full application detailing their complete project.

To ensure your business and project qualification, and for help completing both phases of your application, contact Mentor Works and a Canadian Government Funding Expert will provide you with consultation on how this program fits your business’ objectives.

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