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Growing Forward 2 Ontario Government Grants Eligibility

The Organizations and Collaborations stream of Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Ontario is specifically designed to address challenges faced by the agriculture and agri-food industry within Ontario by supporting key partnerships across the province. Not-for-profits (such as industry organizations) and collaborations (partnerships involving at least two organizations, or organizations and industry or academic partners) can apply for this stream of Ontario government grants valued up to 50-75% of eligible expenses to a maximum $500,000 per project or $3,000,000 throughout GF2 Ontario’s program lifetime.

Important: Those who have participated in Growing Forward 2 Ontario prior to May 2015 should be aware of changes made to the program’s structure. For more on these changes, please read Growing Forward 2 Ontario’s recently updated overview blog.

Eligibility Factors to be Considered for Growing Forward 2 Ontario Government Funding

Organizations and collaborations need to be aware of responsibilities and eligibility factors which are required for their participation in the Growing Forward 2 Ontario program. These include:

Agricultural or Agri-Food Applicant Eligibility

Organizations applying to the GF2 Ontario program must:

  • Be located in Ontario;
  • Apply as the primary point of contact with Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC);
  • Manage the project and its outcomes;
  • Prepare progress reports and final reporting; and
  • Provide cash flow for all project expenses.

In collaborations, a lead applicant must be specified who is required to provide the information above. Other members of the collaboration will also need to:

  • Not be affiliated with other members of the collaboration, working with an arm’s length relationship to provide mutual benefits to all members;
  • Have a vested interest in the project (via financial, resource, or expertise gains);
  • Have active engagement in the project; and
  • Sign a project attestation form signifying their active participation.

Projects Eligible to Receive Growing Forward 2 Ontario Government Grants

If your organization or collaboration is planning to accomplish the following projects, they may be eligible to receive Ontario government funding through GF2 Ontario. Applicants must be able to apply though one of the six program priority areas, listed below:

Assurance Systems

  • Evaluation or development of animal welfare best practices;
  • Outreach strategies;
  • Organization needs assessments;
  • Validation studies, demonstrations of technology, and pilot projects;
  • Traceability solution implementation; and
  • Providing skills development, training, and workshops.

Productivity and Labour Enhancement

  • Knowledge sharing and acquisition;
  • Demonstrations of new or enhanced technologies; and
  • Skills development and workforce training.

Plant and Animal Health

  • Applied research and testing of new processes or technologies.
  • Providing workshops, skills development, training; and

Leadership and Business Development

  • Skills training, knowledge acquisition, and workshop attendance; and
  • Professional development planning, assessment, and analysis.

Environment and Climate Change Adaptation

  • Conducting analysis, assessments, or audits;
  • Developing sector-level plans;
  • Providing skills development, workshops, or training; and
  • Pilot or demonstration projects.

Market Development

  • Developing plans or assessing the feasibility of accessing new markets;
  • Implementation of marketing plans; and
  • Skills training and professional development.

Eligibility of Expenses for GF2 Organizations and Collaborations Funding

While a variety of costs are eligible for the GF2 program based on the six focus areas identified above, there are some general rules which must be followed for determining which costs are eligible. They include:

  • Costs must be necessary for the completion of projects (one-time costs);
  • Costs must be incurred after formal AAC project funding approval;
  • Costs must be valued to reflect the price when goods or services are received, not when they are paid;
  • Businesses which goods or services are paid to must not be affiliated with organization or collaboration members; and
  • Capital costs (such as software and software development, computers, office equipment, farm and plant upgrades, etc.) will receive a maximum funding contribution of $100,000.

Expenses Eligible for GF2 Ontario Organizations and Collaborations Funding

A variety of capital and non-capital costs can receive reimbursement through Growing Forward 2 Ontario for organizations and collaborations. These costs include:

  • Supplies;
  • Shipping and transportation costs;
  • Land rental fees to accomplish research projects;
  • Facility rental fees including equipment and machinery;
  • Labour costs such as salaries, benefits, and per diem fees;
  • Creation of communication materials, such as design, translation, and printing;
  • Select travel, meal, and catering fees;
  • Software and software development (excluding licensing and services);
  • Office equipment (including computers), on-farm equipment, and plant upgrades; and
  • Alterations or modifications to assets not meant for sale.

Non-Eligible Expenses for GF2 Ontario

Likewise, some expenses are ineligible to receive funding through the Organizations and Collaborations stream of GF2 Ontario. These include:

  • Funding application preparation/documentation fees;
  • Recurring costs;
  • Costs not specifically required for the project’s execution;
  • Costs of establishing a commercial business;
  • Compliance projects of any kind;
  • Ongoing training programs (such as degree or diploma programs);
  • Sponsorship of events or conferences;
  • Meal and catering costs beyond what is deemed necessary by the program;
  • Purchase or leases of vehicles, buildings, or land;
  • Bank fees;
  • Bribes, incentives or gifts;
  • Permits and approvals;
  • Legal fees; and
  • Any expenses incurred prior to program acceptance, or any fees previously approved in other GF2 applications.

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