Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Invests over $250k in Agri-Food Businesses

Growing Forward 2 Ontario Funding Success

Five Ontario businesses in the food and beverage processing sector have recently been awarded over $250k through the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) program. This funding will allow the companies to update and install new equipment, increase innovation and efficiency, and potentially expand into new markets.

Up to $254,093 in Ontario government funding will support business improvement projects led by five Ontario-based businesses.

Growing Forward 2 was a federal-provincial-territorial initiative that provided support for agricultural businesses. Recently replaced by the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), Growing Forward 2 is no longer available; however, CAP funding support (including the programs it offers) is very similar to what was offered under GF2.

Growing Forward 2: Ontario Agri-Food Businesses Awarded

Growing Forward 2 supported small businesses in the agri-food sector in Ontario and across Canada with business grants. Companies awarded funding had project outcomes focused on market development, productivity and labour enhancement, and environmental adaptation.

Recently, five Ontario-based food processors received agri-food funding from Growing Forward 2. These recipients include:

  • Canadian Blast Freezers Ltd. ($36,210): The lighting at their processing facility will be upgraded to energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures to increase energy efficiency.
  • Pasta Tavola ($36,400): A new pasta machine and kitchen equipment will be purchased and installed to increase labour productivity and efficiency.
  • Sandbanks Estate Winery Inc. ($35,350): This money will be used to purchase specialized equipment to produce new innovative wine to expand markets.
  • Mill Creek Farm ($99,999): Packaging equipment will be installed and updated to increase labour productivity.
  • Country Cider Company Inc. ($46,132): The purchase and installation of new equipment will help expand export sales.

“These programs have really helped us reduce our costs, improve our productivity, and helped us to buy new technology that we needed to make better products.”
– Scott Willard, CEO of Canadian Blast Freezers Ltd.

About Growing Forward 2 and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Growing Forward 2 was a grant program from the federal-provincial government aimed at supporting Canada’s food and agri-based products sector, with the purpose of encouraging innovation, competitiveness, market development, and industry capacity.

Growing Forward 2 has been succeeded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).

At the time of this article’s posting, Growing Forward 2 is no longer accepting applications. Agricultural producers and processors may access new supports similar to those offered in Growing Forward 2 by applying for funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Government Grants for Agriculture and Agri-Food

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year $3 billion investment contributed through the country’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments. It is now the primary government funding program to fuel growth in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

While several Canada-wide funding programs (such as AgriMarketing and AgriInnovate) have already been announced through CAP, there has been little information released to suggest what will happen with provincially-focused programs. It’s likely that incentives announced over the next few weeks will closely resemble funding support provided through Growing Forward 2’s provincial programs.

To learn about these new funding programs released in March and April 2018, please register for Mentor Works’ Government Funding Snapshot Newsletter.

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