Health Technologies Fund: New MedTech Funding Deadline Set for May 9, 2018

Health Technologies Fund Medical Technology Grants for Research and Development

Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is an Ontario government grant that accelerates the development and adoption of innovative health technologies. It offers funding for collaborative technology commercialization projects where pre-commercial technologies are adopted and tested by public healthcare providers and/or academic researchers.

Technology developers may receive up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum $500,000 to $1,000,000 in Ontario government grants.

A new funding deadline has recently been announced for applicants to submit project proposals. Those interested in HTF funding must apply no later than May 9, 2018 to be considered for this round of funding. Future application intake periods have not been announced at the time of this blog’s posting.

Health Technologies Fund: Medical Technology Grants Ontario

The Health Technologies Fund supports the development of innovative, market-ready health technologies. It offers Ontario government grants to accelerate evaluation, procurement, adoption, and diffusion of advanced healthcare technologies. By working as part of a Health Innovation Team (HIT), technology developers can seamlessly partner with healthcare providers to develop solutions to current public-sector challenges.

The program offers health technology funding to address two types of potential projects:

  1. Pre-Market Evaluations: Up to $500,000 in medical technology grants to validate an innovation. Projects should result in adoption/procurement of the technology by Ontario healthcare providers.
  2. Early Adoptions: Up to $1,000,000 in medtech grants to help Health Innovation Teams implement a validated technology across multiple settings and expand the solution’s clinical/economic evidence.

Third Intake Focus: Better Care Closer to Home

During each Health Technologies Fund intake, an innovation priority is established to guide the types of applicants/projects offered funding. HTF’s third and current intake will continue the focus of “Better Care Closer to Home,” which prioritizes home and community care through virtual, digital, and mobile healthcare technologies.

The last HTF intake also focused on innovations that improved home-based treatment and recovery. To explore the innovators and projects awarded funding through HTF’s second round, please read Mentor Works’ Health Technologies Fund success blog.

Eligibility for the Ontario Health Technologies Fund

To qualify for the Health Technologies Fund, applicants must ensure they are part of an Health Innovation Team (HIT) that has the expertise and capacity to advance healthcare technology. HITs must include representation from each of these groups:

  • Health Technology Companies: For-profit companies with a research and development and/or manufacturing presence in Ontario.
  • Academic Researchers: Post-secondary researchers with expertise in technology adoption and diffusion, evaluation, design and implementation, or health economics.
  • Public Healthcare Providers (Lead Applicants): Including family health teams, community care providers, long-term care homes, hospitals, and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

Apply for the Health Technologies Fund by May 9, 2018

The Health Technologies Fund is currently open for its third intake of Ontario government funding applications. Medical technology developers are invited to apply for funding as part of their Health Innovation Team; however, applications must be submitted by a publicly-funded healthcare provider.

To access the third intake of OCE’s Health Technologies Fund, Health Innovation Teams must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by May 9, 2018.

The application process’ first stage requires an Expression of Interest that provides a problem statement and examines how healthcare innovations can solve the problem. EOIs also include a detailed review of the Health Innovation Team to ensure each participant is eligible to participate. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to submit a final Full Application, which is used for final funding decisions.

To explore project eligibility and learn how to optimize the funding application process, please contact Mentor Works.

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