Apply for the CDMN Soft Landing Program in Spring 2017

CDMN Soft Landing Program Startup Grants for Export Expansion

The Canadian Digital Media Network’s CDMN Soft Landing program allows startups and small and mid-sized businesses to access new markets, collaborate with international partners, and improve global sales at reduced cost.

Eligible export expansion initiatives may receive up to $4,000 in reimbursable expenses for projects lasting up to three months. CDMN Soft Landing will cover a portion of costs related to transportation (airfare) and select accommodations.

CDMN Soft Landing Program Supports Startup Growth

The CDMN Soft Landing  program supports Canadian technology startups seeking to increase their customer base and secure global investment opportunities. Startups and small businesses can access resources to enter new markets, solidify international partnerships and increase international revenues.

Eligible candidates can use CDMN grants to:

  • Integrate into new emerging markets;
  • Access co-working spaces and collaborate with an accelerator or incubator abroad;
  • Receive up to $4,000 in grants to offset travel and accommodation costs; and
  • Increase profitability by closing additional global sales.

Accelerate Your Export Expansion Projects with CDMN Grants

The CDMN Soft Landing program is targeted towards export projects that:

  • Increase the business’ existing customer base;
  • Allow the company to establish a satellite office;
  • Develop distribution channels; and/or
  • Establish new partnerships that lead to foreign investment.

Is Your Business Eligible to Receive CDMN Grants?

Growth-oriented businesses that meet the following criteria may be eligible to receive CDMN grants:

  • Established Canadian small business or startup;
  • Products and/or service focus must relate to the information communication technology (ICT) sector;
  • Company must demonstrate existing revenues;
  • Project must produce a market ready product or service; and
  • Demonstrates the potential for growth in new, foreign markets.

What Project Expenses Will Be Reimbursed?

Upon being approved for the CDMN Soft Landing Program, startups may incur the following project expenses:

  • Airfare and ground-transportation; and
  • Hotel accommodations.

Please Note: The program will not reimburse any costs associated with travelling to events, conferences, trade shows, or trade missions.

How to Apply for CDMN Soft Landing Program Grants

Eligible startups are encouraged to contact a  local Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) to explore this government funding opportunity.

Canadian Government Funding for Startups

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