Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund Announces August 3, 2017 Deadline

Greenbelt Fund Grants: Apply by April 26, 2017

The Greenbelt Fund is an Ontario-based non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of food producers and processors. This mandate has led to the development of the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund, an Ontario government grant supporting projects that increase the amount of Ontario-grown or made foods consumed.

Through the Greenbelt Fund’s Local Food Investment Fund (LFIF), Greenbelt Fund will contribute up to 50% of project expenses with no defined maximum on the amount of funding that can be received. In some cases where a non-profit applicant proposes an ‘exceptional’ project, up to 90% of project expenses may be recovered in Ontario government grants.

There is an upcoming application deadline of August 3, 2017 for the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund. Businesses and non-profits should consider preparing an application now to meet the application cut-off.

Greenbelt Fund Local Food Investment Fund: Program Details

For nearly a decade, the Greenbelt Fund has been improving the demand for – and access to – Ontario-made agricultural products.  This is done through the organization’s own work and through strategic investments made in other Ontario-based organizations.

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund will provide Ontario businesses, non-profits, and municipalities with up to 50% of expenses for projects showing a strong ability to improve food access/consumption. This includes projects resulting in increased:

  1. Broader Public Sector (BPS) Sales: Nearly $750 in annual food sales are made to Ontario broader public sector organizations. Funding may be provided to those within the BPS to develop and implement plans to increase the amount of food sourced from Ontario producers or processors.
  2. Market Access: Food retailers and food service organizations are constantly adapting to shifting consumer preferences. To improve local food access, companies should be conducting market research, developing value-added services, and forming new relationships within the value chain.
  3. Local Food Literacy: Demand for local food is driven through public literacy and advocacy campaigns. Through this stream, applicants may develop food literacy campaigns to educate or train the public on local food products, ultimately leading to enhanced visibility and reputation.

Please Note: Minor capital or equipment purchases may be more aligned for other government grants and loans.

Are You Eligible to Apply for Greenbelt Fund Grants?

To apply for the Greenbelt Fund, organizations must:

  • Be an Ontario-based public or private-sector organization;
  • Have at least two years of current audited financial statements;
  • Enter a formal written agreement with the Greenbelt Fund;
  • Have at least $2 million in general liability insurance during the project;
  • Support at least 50% of the proposed project’s expenses;
  • Have sufficient ability to execute the proposed project; and
  • Share project learnings with the industry.

Apply for the Greenbelt Fund Deadline on August 3, 2017

The Greenbelt Fund provides select opportunities throughout the year where businesses, non-profits, and BPS members can apply for funding. These windows are brief, so applicants must be prepared to apply once a new round of funding has been announced.

The Greenbelt Fund Local Food Investment Fund applications is currently open, but will soon close on August 3, 2017.

If you have questions about the eligibility of your project or wish to accelerate your application, please contact Mentor Works.

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