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SCAP Introduces Four New Alberta Programs 

The Canadian federal government has established a new initiative to ensure the agriculture sector remains strong across the nation and prospers as we prepare for a more sustainable future.  

To achieve this sustainable future, a new five-year agreement between the federal, provincial, and territorial governments (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2028) called Sustainable Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) aims to strengthen agricultural, food, and agri-based products’ competitiveness, innovation, and resilience. Federally funded programs and activities total $1 billion, while provincial and territorial programs and activities total $2.5 billion. 

SCAP is the government’s follow-up to the popular Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) initiative that was introduced by the federal government in 2018 and invested $3 billion in Canada’s agriculture sector via a variety of funding programs. 

The new SCAP initiative is being initiated with four new government funding programs for agriculture producers in Alberta.  

The four new programs introduced by SCAP in Alberta are as follows: 

  • SCAP – Farm Technology Program; 
  • SCAP – Efficient Grain Handling Program; 
  • SCAP- Emerging Opportunities Grant Program; and 
  • SCAP – Value-Added Program. 

SCAP – Farm Technology Program 

To minimize agricultural waste, maximize farm efficiency, and ensure farm security, the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) Farm Technology Program encourages farmers to adopt innovative technologies. This program will help primary producers reduce environmental impacts, anticipate and manage risks, and protect their farms. 

Funding Amount 

Up to 50% of eligible expenses, with a maximum farm technology expense of $48,000, and amaximum eligible farm security expense of $2,000. 

Eligible Applicants  

As a primary producer, you produce at least $25K of farm commodities annually, and are responsible for the input cost of your crop, bee, or livestock operation. Eligible project activities must be carried out in Alberta. 

Eligible Activities  

An eligible activity must consist of either one of the following:  

  • Purchasing equipment; or 
  • Other activity related to farm technology that is commercially available and technologically innovative. 

Deadline to Apply  

The Program is accepting applications, and approvals are granted on a case-by-case basis. Expenses incurred on or after April 1, 2023 are eligible for reimbursement. 

SCAP – Efficient Grain Handling Program 

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) Efficient Grain Handling program supports grain handling components and equipment that provide significant improvements over the current standards. Among the goals of the program are the reduction of input costs and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Funding Amount  

Up to 50% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $50,000 in funding. 

Eligible Applicants  

Albertan primary producers who are responsible for the input costs for a crop operation that produces at least $25,000 worth of farm commodities per year.  

Eligible Activities  

Eligible projects must include the purchase of equipment that has shown a significant improvement over current practices in terms of energy efficiency. 

Deadline to Apply  

There is an open application period for this program. Each application is considered individually according to its individual circumstances.  

SCAP- Emerging Opportunities Grant Program 

It is the Government of Alberta’s strategic objective to ensure that Alberta’s value-added agriculture sector is developed and expanded through the Emerging Opportunities Grant Program. The program supports innovation projects and projects will have a significant economic impact on the sector and the growth of the company. 

Funding Amount  

A maximum of $2 million per application can be granted to cover up to 50% of costs.  

Eligible Applicants  

Applicants must be licensed by the Government of Alberta to operate in this province, and in good standing with applicable legislation. Business activities must include processing of agricultural and bio-industrial products or be associated with businesses involved in these activities. 

Eligible Activities 

There are several activities that may be included in eligible projects for them to qualify, such as equipment and engineering projects, initiatives that explore market opportunities, joint ventures, and any other activity that is deemed eligible by the Minister. 

Deadline to Apply 

The department welcomes applications on a continuous basis. However, applicants may only apply if they have been invited by the department. 

SCAP – Value-Added Program 

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) Value-Added Program is designed to support investments in projects that increase market opportunities, increase company sales, and create jobs, with the objective of diversifying and growing Alberta’s value-added food and bioindustry processors. 

Funding Amount  

Up to $250,000 in funding support is available. 

Eligible Applicants  

You must be a Processor operating in Alberta. Stream B requires global annual gross sales of $100,000 or more. You cannot have applied to the Emerging Opportunities Program for the same expense. 

Eligible Activities  

The following categories of funding are available to applicants who wish to apply for activities:  

  • Expanding the processing capacity; 
  • Improving food safety; 
  • Developingt of new products and processes; or 
  • Gaining access to new markets. 

Deadline to Apply  

Applicants must submit their applications by May 15, 2023. Expenses incurred on or after April 1, 2023 are eligible for reimbursement. 

Improve Your Agriculture Business with Government Funding Support 

In addition to these new SCAP programs, there are many other government funding programs and tax incentives that can be accessed by Canadian businesses. Visit our government funding directory page to see a complete list of active programs offered for activities across various sectors across Canada. 

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