Agri-Innovation Program Industry-led Research and Development Funding

Canadian government funding for agriculture

The Agri-Innovation Program‘s (AIP) Industry-led Research and Development Stream provides Canadian government funding for research and innovation projects in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors.   As a part of the Growing Forward 2 Policy Framework, the $698M Agri-Innovation program is designed to accelerate the pace of innovation by supporting research and development activities in agri-innovations. View Canadian government funding updates for AIP for the most recent news on funding releases and application submission deadlines.

Government funding under this initiative is divided into two project categories: the Agri-Science Cluster and the Agri-Science Project.   The Agri-Science Cluster is focused on large, national projects with collaboration from industry, academics and the government to address issues across multiple commodities while the Agri-Science Project is a smaller project that either focuses on one issue or commodity and can be local, regional or national in scope.

Types of Research and Development Funding Offered via AIP

Research and development funding offered through the Agri-Innovation Program is in the form of non-repayable contributions often referred to as Canadian small business grants.   Under the Agri-ScienceCluster category these Canadian government grants for business reach up to $20 Million.  Smaller projects under the Agri-Science Project category are eligible for small business funding grants up to $5 Million.

AIP Government Funding Canada Success Stories

With the 21st century seeing an intersection of Clean Technology & Life Sciences, as well as that of Global Food, Energy & Water crises the Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) has had many opportunities to make contributions toward innovation projects that have made a significant impact on the agricultural industry and Canadian landscape.  Here are a few samples of projects that received funding through this program:

  • An investment of $750,000 in Canadian government funding supported a project aimed at developing technology that helps farmers monitor the quality of their stored grain so that farmers can get the best price for it when it goes to market;
  • Another successful proposal received a Canadian small business grant of $146,000 to develop a process for turning manure into green energy; and,
  • An Alberta firm and the Canadian beef-breeding industry was selected to receive $575,000 in research and development funding to help accelerate a new form of genetic profiling that is more accurate and less time-consuming than traditional DNA tests.

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