AgriMarketing Export Grants Help Canadian Potatoes Reach New Markets

AgriMarketing Helps Expand Markets for Canadian Potatoes

The Government of Canada is providing up to $274,714 in agriculture grants to help Canadian potatoes reach new international and domestic markets. The investment will allow the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) to promote the sale of spuds by participating in various trade shows and missions in Canada and abroad.

The contribution will be provided through the AgriMarketing program which provides Canadian export grants to help businesses access new markets and increase competitiveness. Funding can be used to participate in trade events, conduct market research and development, and offset marketing expenses in foreign markets.

Currently, potatoes represent Canada’s number one horticultural crop and are grown in every province. By expanding market reach, Canadian potato producers and suppliers can satisfy consumer demands and increase annual export revenues.

$274k in AgriMarketing Grants Awarded to Expand Markets for Canadian Potatoes

In Canada, we produce over 5 million tonnes of potatoes annually, which translates into $1.6 billion in export revenues. 65% of the potatoes produced in Canada are utilized for processed products, such as frozen fries and chips. 21% of potatoes are for fresh consumption and 14% are used for seed. As demand for this versatile vegetable continues to grow, businesses will need to expand their presence in new export markets.

In March, the Government of Canada announced it would be providing the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) with up to $274,714 in export grants through the AgriMarketing program.

Funding will allow the organization to grow export markets for Canadian potatoes through trade shows and missions, market research and development, targeted advertising, and promotional activities.

The Canadian Horticultural Council was established in 1922 and is a non-profit association that represents producers involved in the production and packing of fruit and vegetable crops. Through this project the organization will expand markets and demand for Canadian potatoes, while ensuring the highest standards are set for global consumers.

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AgriMarketing Agriculture Grants Support Export Expansion Projects

AgriMarketing’s Market Development stream provides government funding to help growth-oriented companies expand and develop export revenues. The program helps Canadian businesses offset international trade show participation and strategic export marketing costs to increase their chance of global success.

The program provides up to 50% of project costs to a maximum contribution of $50,000 in export marketing grants per year

The AgriMarketing program is currently accepting applications. Eligible Canadian businesses must apply by September 30, 2017.

Apply for AgriMarketing Grants

To get started businesses must submit a highly-detailed application package (30-50 pages) that includes the project work plan and budget. Eligible candidates will also need to provide company financial statements, project endorsement letters, and a completed copy of the program’s online questionnaire. All applications must be submitted by September 30, 2017.

Contact Mentor Works to discuss your business’ eligibility for the Agri-Marketing program. Our team can also provide application support to ensure you apply by the program’s approaching deadlines.

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