AgriProcessing Initiative: Canadian Government Funding

There is a wealth of agricultural government funding for business , one being the AgriProcessing Initiative (API) of the Agricultural Flexibility Fund. By providing support to existing processing companies that have established new technologies and processes necessary to sustaining today’s global marketplace. This in turn will increase the competitiveness of the agri-processing sector in Canada. API motivates processors to acquire innovative technologies and processes while addressing a variety of business challenges.

The AgriProcessing Initiative is currently open for application submissions, however funded projects must be completed by March 31, 2014.

Agricultural Canadian Government Funding

Previously mentioned as one of our Top 7 Agricultural Funding Programs, the AgriProcessing Initiative is a five-year Canadian Government funding initiative  providing up to $50 million in business funds and applications are accepted until funding is exhausted. The initiative can provide repayable contributions of up to $2 million per project, 50% of eligible costs, towards the purchasing and installing of new-to-company machinery and equipment in Canadian facilities. The non-interest unsecured contributions must be repaid within 8 years of the project being completed.

How to Apply For This Canadian Government Funding Program

Companies interested in applying for this funding should:

  1. Decide the timing for undertaking and submitting an environmental assessment, if required; and
  2. Complete and submit the AgriProcessing Initiative Application which includes:
  • Business plan;
  • Project description and Work plan;
  • Proposed benefits to Canada; and
  • Supporting documentation (Certificate or Articles of Incorporation), equipment quotes and descriptions from suppliers, historical and pro forma financial statements

 Maximizing Funding for Small Business via Mentor Works

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