BC Government Grant Funding Success: Over $1.5 Million Awarded

government grant funding for agriculture

It has been a busy month for government funding grants in British Columbia. Between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, over $1.5 Million has been awarded to 17 innovative small business projects. These highly innovative plans which will be implemented by B.C. companies are set to bring a new wave of development to Canadian agriculture and agri-food industries and will have far-reaching benefits for many Canadian businesses.

Canadian Small Business Funding Wins for Livestock Companies

Important components of the livestock sector include food safety, process innovation, and technological advancements. The BC government has supported several projects through a substantial amount of small business funding grants.

BC Agricultural Research & Development Corp.

BC Agricultural Research & Development is the recipient of $115,500 in government grant funding to assess the technical and economic feasibility of building a gasification plant. This plant will use poultry litter and horse bedding to convert into a renewable energy.

NovoBind Livestock Technologies Inc.

Approximately $415,000 has been awarded to NovoBind to develop a Salmonella bio-control mechanism which can be used as a feed supplement. This technology will be easier to administer and increase effectiveness over current Salmonella prevention techniques.

SFE Laboratories Inc.

SFE Labs will be designing a multiplex diagnostic kit for the detection of four major pathogenic bacteria relevant to different food products. This food safety project has been funded by $248,520 in Canadian government grants.

Canadian Government Grants for Farming and Agriculture

Canadian greenhouses and farms strive to maximize the yield of their crops in order to thrive and provide adequate supply to their buyers. Several research projects were supported through BC funding grants to develop bio-control systems, pest control advancements, and improvements to greenhouse yield limits.

Applied Bio-nomics Ltd.

$204,375 has been provided to Applied Bio-nomics for research into storage mites. Through this study, the Applied Bio-nomics team will have a better understanding of storage mites and their predators. It is expected that successful testing of a new predator will bring more cost effective bio-control tools for berry growers.

Cawston Cold Storage

Cawston will receive $140,160 for further research into the using of earwigs as a control measure against apple orchard insects which ruin yields. Pests including rosy apple aphids, leafrollers, and the apple clearwing moth may all be potential targets for earwigs, who do not pose a threat to apple crops themselves.

University of Fraser Valley

UFV has received an astounding $221,520 in government grant funding to carry out research and testing for new, innovative greenhouse enhancements. The improvements seek to increase yield production potential while reducing capital and cultivation costs over traditional greenhouses.

Find Canadian Government Grants for Your Small Business

Small business funding is available to Canadian organizations from coast-to-coast. Whether your business is in agriculture, agri-food, manufacturing, or research and development, Canadian government grants exist to help overcome growth challenges and secure a competitive advantage over domestic and international competition. Contact the Mentor Works team to learn which funding grants are right for your small business. We offer free funding workshops and webinars to keep you informed of all government grants and loans specific to your industry. For daily updates on active funding programs and success stories, follow us on social media through our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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