‘Open Doors’ Small Business Funding for Training CNC Machinists

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The manufacturing landscape in Ontario is rapidly changing. Intelligent, skilled youth in the province are moving away from careers in manufacturing to pursue other industries which have a need for their abilities. As a result, manufacturers are finding difficulty in effectively filling open positions within their organization. In response to this, the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium (OMLC) created a training and hiring grant program called Open Doors to help develop youth CNC machinists, funded under the Youth Skills Connections program. OMLC is comprised of several organizations including Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC), the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA), and the Canadian Nuclear Council (OCI). Open Doors is a 26-week training program focused on engaging youth and providing them with the skills necessary to operate Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. OMLC will provide manufacturers $8,000 for each successful hire for who completes the training program which will cover the costs of training over the 26-week period.

‘Open Doors’ Program for Youth Overview

This province-wide initiative will provide 80 youth (aged 18-29) with the skills required to begin a career in the manufacturing sector. Screened candidates will be made available for your selection, hiring, and training process, at which time you will have the ability to mold them into your ideal CNC machinist. A three-week classroom training session will be provided to all candidates to ensure they are workplace ready. After classroom training, 23 weeks of shop floor training will provide hands-on experience to these youth as they learn how to contribute to your team’s success.

What are the Benefits to Manufacturers?

Several benefits will result from this program, including:

  • OMLC completes the sourcing, recruiting, and screening of hundreds of applicants. Then selecting the ones with the right skills and attitudes and presenting them to you as trainee candidates;
  • Lower hiring risk since all youth have been screened, virtually eliminating all risk of hiring a younger, more inexperienced candidate;
  • All candidates will have completed an industry-standard 3 week training prior to starting work on your shop floor;
  • Your trainers will be supported by OMLC representatives who can assist trainers and trainees through whatever difficulties may surface; and
  • Your company will receive $8,000 for each trainee when they have earned their OMLC CNC Machinist (Level 1) Certificate.

Manufacturer’s Role in the Hiring and Training Process

  • Work with OMLC through the unique selection, hiring, and training process;
  • Agree to hire and train at least one employee for the 26-week process;
  • Appoint a lead trainer within your organization to assist the hired youth worker;
  • Pay a participation fee of $1,500 (members of CME,CTMA, OCA, or OCI) or $2,500 (non-members) to contribute to the costs of recruiting, interviewing, and providing 3 weeks of preliminary training; and
  • Pay a recruiting, screening, and classroom training fee of $3,500 for each additional trainee.

Apply for OMLC’s ‘Open Doors’ Program

To apply for OMLC’s ‘Open Doors’ program, manufacturers are asked to send a written expression of interest through email to Diane de Jong of CME.

Apply now by emailing CME’s Diane de Jong – diane.dejong@cme-mec.ca

Apply for Other Small Business Funding for Hiring and Training

The ‘Open Doors’ program is one of many programs provided in association with the federal and provincial governments. Several hiring and training grants are currently active which will provide your business with the funding necessary to secure the best candidate possible. Looking to get the most value possible from youth hires? Training funds are available through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) to provide 66% of costs (up to a maximum $10,000) for the training of in-demand skillsets such as software and equipment training. In addition, Mentor Works’ wage subsidy identifier tool will help you quickly find the most applicable hiring grants for your business.

Discover how you can stack these funding programs to receive the maximum amount of support possible, which will surpass the $8,000 in funding provided from the ‘Open Doors’ program alone. Keep in mind that stacking of multiple programs is not always allowed. If you’re not sure, ask us. Want someone to walk you through the details of hiring and training grants? Register for one of Mentor Works’ free webinars on manufacturing grants and hiring and training to learn more, and be sure to follow the Mentor Works team on Twitter for daily funding updates on more programs like these.

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