Build in Canada Innovation Program Awards 2 Technology Contracts

Ontario Companies Awarded Build in Canada Innovation Program Funding

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) awards government contracts to businesses and innovators who’ve developed a pre-revenue product or process. Through the program, the government or broader public service (BPS) can test, then purchase the technology to address current inefficiencies. In return, innovators may receive up to $500,000 to $1,000,000 in government contracts to sell the physical technology (no intellectual property is sold).

It was recently announced that two Ontario-based businesses will receive support from the BCIP program, including:

  • Interconn Development Ltd: $297,045 investment to test its amphibious emergency response vehicle. This will enable search and rescue procedures in remote areas where helicopters can’t access.
  • Desire2Learn: $163,275 investment to purchase its Game-Based Learning System. This will challenge traditional teaching techniques through game-based learning.

Participation in the Build in Canada Innovation Program will support product testing, feedback for further modifications, and revenue to through the technology’s first sale.

Build in Canada Innovation Program Awards $297,045 for Emergency Response Vehicle

Interconn Development Ltd. is an innovative tech development firm located in Markham, Ontario. The company specializes in advanced amphibious technology that aids search and rescue efforts. Since 2006, the Interconn Development has been dedicated to developing a lightweight amphibious vehicle that can travel to remote areas that a conventional vehicle cannot.

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) awarded a contract for $297,045 to support the company’s latest innovation, the Amphibious Trimaran with Aerostatic Discharge vehicle. The vehicle will be used in search and rescue operations with harsh conditions. Advanced technology will allow this vehicle to hover over land, water, and snow in harsh conditions that would otherwise be deemed too challenging for an average helicopter.

BCIP will help Interconn move this development through the commercialization stage and bring this innovative technology to consumer markets. The National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces will be the first to test and evaluate this ground-breaking development.

$163,275 in BCIP Innovation Support for Game-Based Learning Systems

Desire2Learn was founded in 1999 and is a member of Kitchener, Ontario’s tech hub. The business, which is home to over 750 employees, specializes in innovative learning systems that support higher education, healthcare, and government sectors. D2L’s technology and online platforms have transformed the way organizations administer learning projects.

Desire2Learn recently received a $163,275 investment through the to support its latest product, the Game-Based Learning System. This new technology will allow instructors to take an innovative approach to teaching and assessing learning. The system has a variety of training modules, including employee onboarding, rules and regulations, and health and safety training.

Public Services and Procurement Canada will test/evaluate the system’s ability to improve how government information is shared with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Canada.

Sell Your Innovative Technologies to the Government of Canada

Unlike other Canadian government programs that may provide grants or loans, the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a competitive first-purchase program. The program supports the testing and sale of pre-market innovative technologies, which helps reduce the commercialization gap often encountered by technology developers.

Through the program, businesses may be awarded a contract to sell their pre-revenue technologies to a specific government department or broader public sector organization, who can test the technology, evaluate its effectiveness, and improve government functions.

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Accelerate Tech Development & Commercialization with Canadian Government Funding

As Canada’s technology sector continues to grow, innovators can access government funding resources to help bridge commercialization gaps and bring new products to markets faster.

Technology developers may contact Mentor Works to learn more about current funding opportunities, including government grants, loans, and other business incentives.

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