Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)


  1. I was just wondering because I don’t understand why we cannot apply for help here. It is a corporation with myself and my husband running it for no salary because it never made enough to warrant paying us wages. We are in dire need and draining my payroll with trying to keep afloat here. Please let me know where I can turn to for some temporary help. We are a resort with 95% of our clientele visiting from the United States. While this was not possible in 2020 we had mostly just our seasonal campsites for income.

  2. Can you apply for the CEBA here or do I have to go to my bank and do it, because I was talking to my bank and she told me to do it on line.. I am confused on how to apply, I already applied for the first one and got it now I want to apply for the second one…

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