The Canada Job Grant – a Business Owner’s Perspective

Medical worker studying at TriosThe Canada Job Grant (CJG) is finally here!  As a business owner myself, I want to help other business owners and managers understand what it is, how it works and what they need to do to make it a reality for their businesses.

Canada Job Grant and “the Jobs Paradox”

Canada has a Jobs Paradox best described by Dr. Rick Miner in his respected reports “People without Jobs – Jobs without People” and the “Great Canadian Skills Mismatch”.  How do we solve this Jobs Paradox?  I believe the answer is YOU – the business owners and managers.

You know what skills your existing people need and what you want new employees to know.  Now the government is offering up to $10,000 per employee in grant money in order to help you make it happen.  But act quickly – funds are limited as the Honourable Jason Kenney’s has already stated that two provinces have already exceeded their initial annual allotment of Canada Job Grant funding.

The Canada Job Grant – What is it?

The Canada Job Grant is an employer-driven program designed by the federal government to help employers fund the training of their existing and future employees.  Implemented through agreements with each province (e.g. Canada-Ontario Job Grant), the grant is flexible, fast and focused.  Of course, the devil is in the details (but that’s what consultants like Mentor Works and blogs like this help you solve).  In essence:

  • You (the Company) determine the skills and training your employees need,Frank Gerencser and Jason Kenney
  • You select the people you want trained (existing, new and future employees),
  • You select the qualified trainer / institution you want to use,
  • You fill in the government application forms,
  • After approval, you get your people trained … and grow your business.


What are the Rules of the Canada Job Grant?

The Canada Job Grant rules vary by province, but in summary:

  • Training must not exceed one year,
  • Training must be provided by an external trainer (public or private institution),
  • The government funds up to 2/3 or $10,000 per person for tuition and training materials,
  • Some in-kind funding may be allowed for smaller employers’ portion.

The Canada Job Grant: Getting Started – Finding the Right Trainer

Once you determine who you want trained and in what, how do you select the right trainer? If you have enough people to train in your business (or as part of a consortium of businesses), look for a trainer that can customize curriculum to your needs. The National Association of Career Colleges is a great place to start.

An example – Supply Chain & Logistics Training & Certification

Our own triOS College Business Technology Healthcare (in Ontario) & Eastern College (in Atlantic Canada) offer a series of Supply Chain & Logistics diploma programs. These programs are accredited by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council and recognized for advanced standing toward CSCMP certification by the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario.  They also include two certificates from the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association.  Most programs are under a year in length and would qualify for the Canada Job Grant.

Let’s look at an example of a company (or a consortium of similar companies) that was involved in Importing and Exporting and had a dozen staff that have been working for them in logistics, but didn’t have any formal credentials or certifications. triOS and Eastern could work with your HR team to offer appropriate courses in our accredited SCL programs (available in daytime and/or evening schedules) or even develop a custom program that exactly met your needs.  The staff could take the courses while working half-days because of our consistent half-day scheduling model.  Furthermore, our one-course-at-a-time block learning methodology is better suited to an adult learner with an already busy work and life schedule.

For more information of how triOS & Eastern can help employers find diploma programs and customized training in Business, Technology, Healthcare, Law, Supply Chain, Design, Tourism or Trades go to

Upcoming Blog: How the Canada Job Grant works in Ontario & other Provinces

My next blogs will put some meat on the bones of this introduction.  The advantages of working with a Private Career College and how the Canada Job Grant works in Ontario and in other provinces.  As well, I explain how you as business owners/managers can help solve the Jobs Paradox while growing your current and future employees.

Footnote: A Virgin Blogger’s Confession

Despite thirty years of building and growing award-winning businesses, writing countless proposals (and winning my share) and delivering live presentations to hundreds of people, I’ve never actually written a blog before.  My friend and master blogger Jim Estill told me: Make it personal, to the point(s) and genuinely try to help your readers understand.  Let me know how I did by engaging me on twitter.

AbouFrank Gerensert Frank Gerencser, Chairman & CEO, triOS College & Eastern College.

Frank is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 for service to the Career College sector in Canada and the Innovation Award in the 2014 by the Transformation Institute.  triOS College is a four-time winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and many other awards.

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