Is Your Business Eligible for the $10K Canada-Ontario Job Grant?

canada job grant discussionThe Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) provides small business grants to businesses for training initiatives focusing on both existing employees or new hires. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is funded through a partnership with the Provincial and Federal Canadian governments. This program will receive $192 million in funding and will run until 2020.

What training topics are ideal for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?

Any existing business or start-up may be eligible for the program. You must have employees with an identified training need and you must have a training initiative identified to support your employees. Training initiatives should have a valuable impact on the employee and the business such as:

  • Impact on job role;
  • Impact on job title;
  • Impact on salary;
  • Job Creation; and
  • Impacts on the business.

What type of training grant funding is available?

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides cost shared funding for businesses to undertake employee training initiatives. Businesses can receive up to $10,000 per trainee per initiative up to 66.67% of the overall training costs. Smaller businesses with less than 50 full-time employees are eligible for additional funding through this program. If your business has less than 50 full time employees at the time of completing the training initiative, you may include a portion of your trainees’ wages as the company’s contributions.

What costs can be covered through COJG training grants?

As this is a training focused program, businesses can apply for coverage for direct training expenses. You may be eligible to receive coverage for:

  • 3rd party trainer costs;
  • Course registration fees;
  • Examination expenses;
  • Textbooks, course materials; and
  • Training related software.

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