Canada Media Fund Awards $10.3 Million to Digital Production Projects

Canada Media Fund Digital Media Development Grants

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) recently awarded small business funding to 14 projects entering their production stage. Over $10.3 million in government funding was divided among these projects, with funding ranging from $321,000 to $925,000 per project.

CMF plays a vital role in the development and production of Canadian media content. Through the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream, businesses may apply for up to 75% of project expenses to a maximum of $400,000 to $1,000,000 in repayable funding. These funding contributions help digital media creators extend cash flow to complete projects at an accelerated rate.

Successful projects mentioned in this blog all focus on recipients of CMF Experimental’s Production sub-stream. Production projects may receive up to $1 million to create and commercialize digital media content within a Canadian market.

Canada Media Fund – Government Funded Production Projects


Virtual reality (VR) is revolutionizing the video game market, and soon, most or all video games will be played in virtual spaces free of the limitations or consequences of real life. LifeLineVR is one of the games that will lead this charge. Being produced for the new Google Daydream platform, LifeLineVR enables users to experience an advanced social gameplay and the chance to survive life-threatening situations.

Montreal-based MinorityVR has been provided with $925,000 in funding to produce this game and have it ready when Google’s Daydream platform is available to consumers.

Wacken VR

Wacken VR is another virtual reality-based production, however its take on virtual reality is not focused on video games. Users of Wacken VR will be able to experience an immersive heavy metal festival that features performances from well-known acts, as well as interacting with other fans.

VR producers, Secret Location Inc., will receive $900,000 through Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Stream to create the product for head-banging customers across the world.

Castle Story

This immersive digital game revolves around designing, building, and defending castles in a fantasy world. Players can direct their characters, known as Bricktrons, to gather resources and build castles that must withstand the attacks of incoming enemies, known as Corruptrons.

Game creators, Studio Sauropode Inc., has received $900,000 in CMF funding which will let the company move past its current beta version and produce its final product for full release.

Speed Brawl

Speed Brawl is an animated arcade-style action/fighting game created by Double Stallion Games Inc. Similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., players pick a character and defeat enemies on a small map. Players must use their speed and knowledge of maps/ enemies to clear the level effectively.

The company received $885,000 for the production of the game, which includes extensive animation and user testing to fine-tune the game for future release.

How to Receive Digital Media Funding from the Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund provides repayable funding for Canadian companies to effectively develop, produce, and promote their innovative digital media content. Businesses may apply to receive up to 75% of eligible project expenses to a maximum of $300,000 (media development projects), $400,000 (marketing and promotion projects), or $1,000,000 (production projects).

To receive these funds, businesses must apply for the Canada Media Fund prior to stream-specific deadlines. For 2016, production projects must be submitted by September 27, while development, marketing and production projects must be submitted by October 25. If your Canadian business is developing, producing or promoting its interactive digital media content and incurs 75% of expenses within Canada, you may qualify for CMF Experimental.

To determine your eligibility or receive comprehensive funding support throughout the entire application process, please contact Mentor Works, the Government Funding Planners.

Canadian Small Business Funding Guide

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