Canadian Business Grants for Dairy Industry – Matching Investment Fund

bigstock-Calves-on-the-field-27083909The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) encourages the growth and innovation in the manufacturing and use Canadian dairy products and ingredients.   In support of the Canadian dairy industry the CDC has committed $1 million over a two year period to support product development initiatives under The Matching Investment Fund (MIF). The MIF provides non-repayable Canadian business grants designed to help eligible businesses and Food Technology Centres (FTC) with product development initiatives that have the potential to increase demand for Canadian dairy products and ingredients.

MIF Canadian Small Business Grants Project Eligibility

The following types of projects are eligible for MIF Canadian grants for manufacturers of Dairy Products and FTC’s

  • The development of new or innovative products;
  • The reformulation of existing products;
  • Knowledge transfer activities;
  • Technology transfer projects;
  • New opportunities for solids non-fat ingredients.

MIF Business Funding Grants Eligible Activities

Businesses and FTC’s eligible for MIF government funding for small business can receive financial support for the following product development activities:

  • Consultation: advice from leading experts and specialists on product development process, including management and market research, dairy and food science, technical services, and food processing.
  • Product Development: support for technology transfer, trials, product analysis, and adoption of new or existing technologies, retrofitting of equipment, sample preparation costs, and packaging techniques.

Learn More about the Matching Investment Fund Government Grants for Small Business

Choose from one of the following to learn more about MIF government funding for small business:


Note:  Details regarding the application process is also covered in the “eligibility blog.”

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