Canadian Government Funding Aids Agricultural Research Project

Canadian Government Funding Supports EarthFresh Farms

The Government of Canada is providing up to $237,000 in small business grants to help EarthFresh Farms improve production and expand their workforce in Burlington, Ontario. The investment will allow the company to optimize product output and reduce food waste by identifying defects in Ontario-grown potatoes. In addition, EarthFresh Farms will hire youths to support the company’s green resource management initiatives.

Canadian government funding will be provided through Natural Resource Canada (NRC)’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and wage subsidies for hiring youths. IRAP funding programs assist small and mid-sized businesses solve technical challenges and develop innovative technologies.

NRC-IRAP will provide $207, 425 in research grants to help offset internal labour costs and an additional $30,000 will be provided in wage subsidies to hire more youths to carry out the company’s green initiatives. This investment will help EarthFresh Farms to increase product output and reduce crop inputs, to ultimately offer healthier produce to consumers.

Over $237,000 in Canadian Government Funding Awarded to EarthFresh Farms

Established in 1963, EarthFresh Farms Inc. supplies food service and retail industries with North American potatoes, onions, and carrots. The company specializes in potato breeding, seed production, packing, and distribution.

Canadian government funding will allow EarthFresh Farms to innovative processing methods to detect defects in Ontario-grown white potatoes and green resource management.

NRC-IRAP’s investment will enable the company to hire several youths to help reduce the company’s food waste and increase grower profitability at its facility in Burlington, ON. These improvements will allow EarthFresh Farms to enhance product output and become more competitive.

This project will allow the company to grow, help create job opportunities for talented youth workers, and support economic development in Burlington.

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NRC-IRAP Research and Development Grants

The NRC-IRAP government funding programs support research and development projects across Canada. IRAP grants enable technology-focused businesses to address internal technical challenges, as well as execute large-scale process improvement and innovative technology development projects.

The program has three unique streams including, 1) IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP), 2) IRAP Midsize Projects, and 3) IRAP Youth Employment Programs (YEP). These streams provide businesses with Canadian government funding to help offset internal labour and consulting costs for innovative research projects.

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IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP)

NRC-IRAP Accelerated Review Process supports research and development projects that allow businesses to solve internal technical challenges that support product and/or process improvements. Canadian government funding can be used to support exploratory research projects that help facilitate growth. Additionally, the program helps businesses improve market competitiveness and increase return-on-investment (ROI) by reducing internal labour expenses.

Applicants may receive up to 80% funding support to offset internal technical labour and up to 50% of Canadian third-party consulting costs up to a maximum $50,000 in Canadian research grants.

IRAP Midsize Projects

NRC-IRAP Midsize Projects supports large-scale research projects that lead to the development or enhancement of innovative products, processes, or services that are commercially viable and addresses a market gap. Eligible businesses can access IRAP grants to offset technical labour costs associated with the project.

Applicants may receive up to 80% funding support to offset internal project labour and up to 50% of Canadian third-party consulting costs, to a maximum $100,000–$500,000/year in Canadian government funding.

IRAP Youth Employment Programs

NRC-IRAP Youth Employment Programs provide Canadian government funding to businesses to offset the cost of hiring young talent to solve internal challenges and boost innovation. Applicants can receive a contribution that supports a portion of salary costs for a youth candidate that will work on technical and technology-related projects.

Eligible applicants may receive up to $30,000 in wage subsidies per graduate to offset the intern’s salary costs for 6 to 12 months.

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