Government Funding for Business Expansion: Going Global Innovation

global expansion Going Global Innovation (GGI) was created to support innovative companies who are looking to create new products and technologies for the Canadian marketplace via collaborative R&D partnerships.  Global Commerce Support Program provides support for accessing funding sources from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT). The objective is to promote and enhance Canada’s international innovation efforts by pursuing collaborative opportunities through the development of partnerships in other countries and economies with the key players.

GGI Canadian Small Business Grants Program Information

Amount: $75,000 or 75% of expenses (Project size of $100K for max funding)

Timeline: Application takes 6-8 weeks to be reviewed.

Spending Rules: Budgeted expenses cannot be incurred until application is accepted.

These $75,000 government grants for small business will cover up to 75% of your expenses related to visiting foreign partners with the goal of developing or exploring a working agreement between potential researcher(s) for collaboration on potential new product development(s). This must be a new technology that does not currently exist and can include such activities as establishing R&D objectives for the project, responsibilities of each player, knowledge transfer gaps, arranging a Letter of Intent (LOI), IP protocols, etc.  You may visit your foreign partner(s) generally, up to 3-4 times and your project is split up into sections according to your different travel dates and meeting objectives.

Note: These Canada small business grants program does not support the R&D initiatives to retrofit an existing product, nor does it support the development of a sales or distribution network.

Government Grants for Small Business Company Eligibility

To qualify for GGI Canadian government funding as an SME, companies must have less than $50 million in annual sales and less than 500 employees.

Going Global Innovation will accept applications from Canadian researchers that represent one of the following:

  • Private Canadian small and medium sized enterprises
  • Universities
  • Non-government research centres

Applications submitted on behalf of a group of researchers that represent multiple organizations from the list above.

Expenses Eligible for GGI Canadian Government Funding

The Canadian government funding contribution of up to 75% of the eligible expenses up to a maximum payable of $75,000 includes:

  • Travel and related costs (Please note, travellers must have Canadian passports)
    • Airfare (lowest economy class ticket)
    • Local transportation
    • Accommodation
    • Meals and incidentals
    • Related costs such as visa application costs, immunizations for travel, etc
    • Other non-research expenses
      • Meeting costs (workshop or seminar expenses, hospitality)
      • Participation at targeted exhibitions and conferences
      • Pursuit of large scale projects
      • Development of legal documentation to solidify partnership
      • Translation services
      • Photocopies or printed material
      • Pursuit of financial support

Non-eligible Costs:

Below is a list of costs that will not be covered by Going Global Innovation government funding for business:

  • Research and development activities
  • Commercial and business activities such as samples, marketing, and licensing
  • Technicians, consultants fees
  • Overhead costs
  • Development of website presence and web hosting
  • Technology transfer
  • Salaries and honoraria of applicants and participants
  • Regulatory issues
  • Activities not directed at establishing specific partnerships, such as exploratory missions, speaking engagements, study tours, etc.

Canadian Government Funding for Business Expansion Next Steps

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