Canadian Government Funding for the Unemployed – Second Career Ontario

Many Canadians have had to face the hardships of finding employment in a declining industry or trade. Thousands of skilled and experienced workers are finding themselves stuck in an industry that can no longer offer sufficient job security. The Ontario Government recognizes the number of recently laid off Canadians who are stuck in these types of situations and has begun to offer Ontario Government Funding for individuals to begin a new career path.

Canadian Government Grants for Starting a New Career

Second Career Ontario is a government-funded program for individuals who have been laid off and would like to start a career in a new industry. The program provides individuals with the skills and financial support to become qualified for a high demand position in a growing Canadian industry. Individuals can receive up to $28K in Ontario Government funding grants towards their costs of tuition, books, living expenses, caring for dependents, travel, transportation, and other living and training costs. This program is considered a cost-sharing program, meaning that individuals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of financial support they will receive.

Eligible Applicants for Ontario Government Funding

In order to be considered eligible for Second Career, the applicant must fall under the following criteria:

  • Laid off or have been laid off within the past 6 years.
  • Currently unemployed, working on contract or an interim position.
  • Choosing to pursue a position that is currently in high demand.

Applicants will also be subject to further assessment regarding their previous work experience, professional skills, and their ambitions towards a new career.

Applying for Canadian Government Funding for Hiring

Those who would like to receive additional information and application details on the Second Career Program can contact Employment Ontario or Begin to Register Online.

For additional information on the Ontario Government Funding Programs for Hiring, sign up for one of our Free 60 Minute Canadian Government Funding Workshops or contact a Canadian Government Funding Expert to receive application support and advice.


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    They’re government funded and will help you get a job (at no cost).

  2. Hi, I am currently in a job that I feel is going nowhere, I want to succeed and have bigger things in life and my career! I’m looking to run heavy equipment and to possibly own a business!! If you could help in someway it would make my dreams!! Thanks for reading!!

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