CDMN Soft Landing Program Funds Over 500 Businesses’ Export Plans

CDMN Soft Landing Program: Over 500 Projects Awarded

The CDMN Soft Landing Program helps startups and early-stage technology businesses gain exposure to business opportunities outside of Canada. While not as robust as some other export grants available, it can be a vital source of funding for companies needing the capital to reach new international markets. The CDMN Soft Landing Program can provide up to $4,000 in export grants which can be directly used to offset travel and accommodation costs.

Since the program launched in 2012, it has provided support for over 380 businesses and an incredible 500 landings (some businesses have completed more than one). Each landing provides entrepreneurs to open new markets, close international sales, secure investment and connect with new partners.

If your early-stage business would benefit from gaining international exposure through the CDMN Soft Landing Program, the easiest way to get started is by connecting with a CDMN technology hub. Hub leaders can help companies frame the project for success and will have the most up-to-date information about application/landing timelines.

Over 500 Soft Landings Completed in Five Years

Since the CDMN Soft Landing Program was established in 2012, 380 Canadian tech startups have made 513 landings in 52 countries. This participation has led to over $52 million in new revenues and an additional $55 million in new investments secured among the program’s participants. Although the amount of government funding awarded through the program is limited, it clearly has the opportunity to create significant benefits.

The CDMN Soft Landing Program provides Canadian technology startups and small businesses with up to $4,000 in export market development grants.

Soft Landing participants have up to three months to complete projects and can spend this time as necessary working within a CDMN hub or completing market development projects abroad. Companies typically use time in their export market to meet with local business leaders and attend trade shows/networking events to make new connections.

How to Qualify for CDMN Soft Landing Program Grants

To be eligible for CDMN Soft Landing Program funding, applicants must:

  • Be a technology-focused startup or small business;
  • Be a Canadian-based company;
  • Possess existing revenues and demonstrate the ability to sell products/services;
  • Have a market-ready product or service;
  • Demonstrate the ability to spur job growth, expand into new markets, and/or secure investments; and
  • Identify what project activities are taking place in the export market and their expected outcomes.

CDMN Soft Landing Success Stories

Of the 500+ soft landings performed to date, some success stories include:

How to Receive a CDMN Soft Landing Export Grant

Startups and small businesses who qualify for the program should seek a local CDMN technology hub to learn more about the program’s application deadlines. When there is an active application window, companies can apply for program consideration. Those selected may then start qualified projects and submit expenses for reimbursement.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for the CDMN Soft Landing program, you may also contact Mentor Works. By reaching out, we’ll assess your eligibility and recommend similar government funding programs to offset export development costs.

Canadian Government Grants for Exporting

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