CME SMART Prosperity Now – Open for Global Expansion Projects

As mentioned in our previous articles on the CME SMART Prosperity Now Program; businesses are able to receive Ontario business Grants for Capital Equipment and other activities related to their expansion into new markets. This program has been extremely popular since its original funding release; however, they are still accepting applications for new expansion projects.

Canadian Government Funding Details

The SMART Prosperity Now program provides funding for small business expansion projects that look to improve sales and services in international markets. The program’s objectives are centered on retaining Canadian jobs and strengthening our national economy. Those who approved may receive up to $75K in non-repayable government funding grants or a 33% return on the projects’ eligible expenses.
These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Foreign Market Research
  • Third-Party Business Consulting
  • Capital Equipment Expenditures
  • Improvements to Environmental Efficiencies
  • International Marketing Campaigns

Projects are encouraged to not be overcomplicated; as they will have to be completed within 12 months following their initial start date.

Small Business Funding Grants Support

Project proposals for the CME SMART Prosperity Now program should be submitted as soon as possible as the program deadline is scheduled for March 31, 2013. For additional program funding details, visit one of our previous articles on the CME SMART Prosperity Now FAQs or contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Experts. Our followers can stay up-to-date with the most relevant government funding grant details by subscribing to our E-Newsletter or Joining Our Circle on Google+.


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