Crofter’s Food Ltd. Canadian Government Funding Success

Canadian government funding success for Crofter's Food Inc.

Based in Seguin, Ontario, Crofter’s Food Ltd. is one of the most recent recipients of Canadian government funding through FedNor’s Targeted Manufacturing Initiative. Since 2006, more than $351 million has been invested into Northern Ontario businesses in support of nearly 1,700 projects. These investments have resulted in the support of more than 22,700 jobs.

“Our Government is proud to support strategic initiatives that help Northern Ontario manufacturers modernize their facilities and grow their operations.”
– Tony Clement, MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka

The Impact of Canadian Government Funding

Crofter’s Food is a certified organic foods manufacturer which focusses on premium specialty fruit spreads, jams, jellies, and preserves. Their 39 employees currently produce 1 million cases of product each year. After receiving $822,323 in a repayable government grant funding, Crofter’s will be upgrading its Seguin, Ontario facility to modernize its production and processing lines. These improvements are expected to create employment for an additional 10 full-time employees and will provide the capacity to produce an additional 2.5 million cases of product annually. The increased output will have a direct impact on their ability to boost sales nationally and also export globally.

“…this repayable contribution will allow us to further expand our operations and explore new business opportunities in the global marketplace.”
– Gerhard Latka, President of Crofter’s Food Ltd.

Other Canadian Small Business Funding Initiatives

FedNor, which specifically focuses on growing businesses in Northern Ontario, are just one of the many funding bodies that oversee the distribution of Canadian small business grants and loans. Several programs exist which aid in the development of Ontario small businesses in both Northern and Southern Ontario. Crofter’s Food would also be able to leverage additional government funding such as Growing Forward 2 Ontario and the Agri-Innovation Program to support their business expansion, productivity enhancements, food safety, product development, and industry collaboration.

Northern Ontario businesses specifically have other programs available to them under the large funding body, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC). This organization provides a wide variety of funding programs to support businesses’ key initiatives, including expanding their business in Northern Ontario, hiring, productivity initiatives, global investments, and market feasibility studies, pilot demonstration, and commercialization.

Likewise, your business may be eligible for funding programs to improve production, hire new employees, or become exporters to international markets. To learn more about Canadian government grants and loans and understand the funding process, download Mentor Works’ Comparing Government Funding Types info sheet. You can also sign up for our weekly Funding Newsletter to receive the best government funding news delivered directly to your inbox.

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