Digital Technology Supercluster Awards $4.5M for COVID-19 Innovation

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Canadian schools are opening back up next week, most restaurants have returned to regular operations, and many businesses have gone back to the office. Experts predict that a second wave is coming, that it is unavoidable, and all we can do is stay alert and prepared. One way our nation has been making progress is in the way of research and development of new materials, technologies, and methods to reduce the spread of the virus.

Patriot One has been selected by Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster to receive government funding of up to $4.5 million for the research and development of innovative COVID-19 screening processes. 

To aid in the ongoing fight against the respiratory virus, Patriot One plans to use the Digital Technology Supercluster’s funding support to develop advanced thermal, camera-based equipment which will help businesses and hospitals in tackling screening and social distancing protocols to prevent spread within communities.

What is the Digital Technology Supercluster?

The Digital Technology Supercluster (DTS) is a collaboration of diverse organizations (including some of Canada’s most recognizable names, such as Microsoft and Telus) from a variety of leading industries consisting of healthcare, communications, natural resources, technology, and transportation. The DTS is part of a national network of five business-led superclusters (Digital Tech, Protein, Advanced Manufacturing, AI, and Ocean) that are enhancing the economy.

Through the co-investment towards ambitious research and development projects, the supercluster’s  funding efforts, of over $360M to date, strengthen Canada’s innovation and economic growth, placing Canada higher on the global stage for the development of advanced technology.

“We are proud to support the development and deployment of the PATSCAN Platform to improve the health and safety of all Canadians through the Health & Safety modules being developed by Patriot One. This innovative screening technology will support Canada in safely re-opening the economy in the COVID 19 environment.”
– Sue Paish, CEO of the Digital Technology Supercluster

Research and Development of Innovative Screening Technology for COVID-19 Prevention

Patriot One will use the DTS funding to research and develop thermal and facial mask screening solutions with an overall aim to help management and security personnel to screen employees and customers for increased body temperatures. If detected, the camera-based technology will prompt further evaluation of those individuals through a secondary screening process, as well as for compliance with social distancing and mask protocols.

“Our mission has always been to create safer communities by detecting dangers before they become a threat to our global citizens and communities. We believe our thermal camera solution will greatly help businesses, healthcare, retail, sport, entertainment, and hospitality industries as they re-open the economy.”
– Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One

The Digital Technology Supercluster funding is subject to the completion of a set contract presented to Patriot One, which will receive funding when the following objectives are met:

  • Develop and deploy a thermal screening module that highlights individuals presenting elevated temperatures in real-time by using commodity-priced thermal cameras.
  • Add further computer modules that detect the presence or non-presence of medical and non-medical masks and face coverings, and the ability to highlight persons and problem areas where social distance requirements are not being maintained.
  • Develop new technology for location monitoring and prediction of future outbreaks based on the overall trending of a combination of quantifiable indicators.

Government Funding Opportunities for Innovation

The Digital Technology Supercluster is no longer accepting applications to their COVID-19 Program, as they received over 600 innovative project ideas since the program’s launch in March. The DTS anticipates fully distributing the allocated $60M through co-investment in the coming months to help chosen businesses achieve their innovation goals.

There are current government funding programs that are accepting applications in support of developing innovative technologies to conquer COVID-19. Some of these programs include NRC-IRAP, IFIT, SIF, and NGen.

If your organization has an ongoing project or has a future project in mind, contact the Mentor Works team of government funding planners for assistance. Stay up to date with us by registering for one of our upcoming events, and subscribe to our Weekly Funding Newsletter.  

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