$30K FedNor Northern Ontario Business Funding Awarded to Muskoka SME

Northern Ontario Business FactoryFour Seasons Greens, a Muskoka-based food producer will receive repayable Ontario business funding towards the construction of an aquaponics food processing system. This small business funding allotment was provided through FedNor’s Northern Ontario Development Program (NODP). NODP has supported Northern Ontario businesses since 2006, providing approximately $343 million in Ontario government funding to more than 1,645 projects, which have supported in excess of 21,500 jobs within Northern Ontario.

Ontario Business Funding via the Northern Ontario Development Program

FedNor’s Northern Ontario Development Program was created to promote sustainable community economic development in the Northern Ontario region. The small business funding awarded to Four Seasons Greens is an attestation to FedNor’s commitment to enhancing business development, growth, and innovation. The Ontario government funding will go towards company testing and fine-tuning of a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. This overcomes a regional barrier by providing remote and isolated communities with a safe, reliable, and sustainable food source.

Other Northern Ontario Business Funding Programs

FedNor provides a wide variety of Canadian government funding options for businesses in Northern Ontario, however other regional funding organizations exist to support economic activity in the area. One such organization is the Northern Ontario Heritage Corporation (NOHFC). NOHFC provides a full suite of Ontario government funding catering to a wide variety of strategic initiatives, including business expansion projects, startups, applied research & technology development, pilot demonstration, commercialization, and internships.

Canadian Government Funding Resources

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