Grand River Foods Awarded $1.3M in SWODF Ontario Government Funding

Grand River Foods' Southwestern Ontario Development Fund Success

Cambridge, Ontario food processor, Grand River Foods, supplies Canadian grocery stores, restaurants, and food service companies with over 200 private label food products. Their growing team, which consists of nearly 250 employees, are dedicated to providing superior quality and value for clients. With over 25 years in business, Grand River Foods has developed superior food processing abilities based on their innovation and dedication to business expansion projects.

Grand River Foods was announced as a recipient of the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF). Through this fund, the company was awarded up to $1.3 million in repayable Ontario government funding.

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Successful SWODF Project Details: Grand River Foods

Grand River Foods’ application to the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund was successful because of the types of activities included in the project, including:

  • Expansion to its processing facility;
  • Purchase of new, innovative equipment; and
  • Diversification of product offerings.

In addition to these key project deliverables, Grand River Foods’ application was of high priority to the SWODF program because the project will:

  • Create 50 new jobs; and
  • Maintain 315 positions over the period of 4 years.

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund: Program Details

SWODF’s Business Stream provides up to 15% of eligible project expenses to a maximum funding contribution of $1.5 million. Projects with a budget totaling less than $10 million are eligible to receive Ontario government grants, while projects in excess of $10 million may receive repayable funding (government business loans) to extend cash flow during project execution.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund supports productivity enhancements through the purchase of new capital equipment and development of critical infrastructure. These types of projects lead to business growth through increased revenue, size of workforce, export potential, and the development of new competitive advantages.

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