Green Municipal Fund Awards 15 Projects for a Total of $2M in Funding

Green Municipal Fund: 15 Projects & $2M Awarded

To expand the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions involving water, soil quality, and air while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, municipal governments across the country have recently received Canadian government funding. Fifteen innovative green projects have been awarded and will help bring long-term sustainability to communities from coast to coast.

15 initiatives taking place across Canada have received a combined $1,988,600 in funding from the Green Municipal Fund.

Administered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is a Canadian government funding program that provides financial support to municipalities implementing an innovative method or solution to mitigate environmental challenges. GMF provides support for all stages of “green” projects, including planning, piloting, feasibility studies, and capital projects. The next deadline to submit capital project applications is August 1, 2019.

Green Municipal Fund: $2M in Funding for Environmental Projects

The Green Municipal Fund supports innovative green infrastructure to help municipalities throughout Canada act on climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The recently funded cleantech solutions are ensuring healthy and safe communities, creating jobs, and helping Canada meet its climate change goals.

In total, 15 projects from Canadian municipalities were awarded nearly $2M in funding.

Three of the lead municipalities/applicants that received funding include:

Guelph, ON – Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan

($175,000) As part of the Baker District redevelopment project, the City of Guelph and Windmill Development Group will carry out a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan. This will entail environmental footprinting to target local resource consumption and set specific measurable evidence-based targets that meet the One Planet Living (OPL) framework.

Belleville, ON – Net Zero Co-digestion & Energy Generation Feasibility Study

($80,400) The city of Belleville will be conducting a Net Zero Co-digestion and Energy Generation Feasibility Study at its municipal water pollution control plant. The study will assess the nest anaerobic digestion method to produce renewable natural gas and the treatment of biosolids and source separated organics, which could lower the plant’s annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing waste to landfill.

Toronto, ON – Lake-Based Geo-Exchange System

($350,000) As part of the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre deep-energy project, funding will be used to implement a closed-loop, lake-based, geo-exchange system pilot. This project is expected to reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions by 78% and lower energy use for the building by 67%.

About the Green Municipal Fund (GMF)

The Green Municipal Fund is designed to support highly innovative and impactful municipal environmental projects. Since 2000, the program has financed more than 1,250 municipal sustainability initiatives.

The Green Municipal Fund offsets up to 50-80% of eligible project costs incurred by municipalities completing environmental ventures.

There are five types of projects applicants can take part in to obtain green funding:

  • Energy Efficiency and Recovery;
  • Water Quality and Conservation;
  • Waste Management and Diversion;
  • Transportation and Fuel Efficiency; and
  • Brownfields.

The next upcoming application intake deadline for the GMF capital projects stream is on August 1, 2019.

Canadian municipalities interested in learning more about cleantech funding through the Green Municipal Fund, please sign up for Mentor Works’ Weekly Funding Newsletter.

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