GreenFIT Strategy: Government of Ontario Public Procurement

Ontario GreenFIT Strategy: CleanTech Procurement

Please Note: GreenFIT is not accepting applications at this time. Please explore the federal Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program for more procurement opportunities.

Ontario is a leading sub-national jurisdiction fighting against greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One of the ways the province excels in promoting climate change is by purchasing clean, green technologies for its Ontario Public Services (OPS) and academic institutions, schools and hospitals (MASH). This provides an excellent opportunity for Ontario-based innovators to sell their clean technologies to the government.

The Green Focus on Innovation and Technology (GreenFIT) Strategy is a Government of Ontario procurement program established to help connect businesses with government department. As departments have the need for a cleantech innovation, they may purchase and implement the solution, ultimately improving the environmental sustainability of OPS and MASH users.

There are two ways for companies to get involved with Ontario’s GreenFIT program. Companies may submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) at any time to bring awareness to their technology and try to find a qualified purchaser. Alternately, businesses may answer Request for Bids (RFB) where government departments request cleantech solutions.

What is Ontario’s Green Focus on Innovation and Technology (GreenFIT) Strategy?

Ontario’s GreenFIT Strategy provides OPS and MASH departments an alternative method to traditional purchasing methods. With a focus on clean and green technologies, GreenFIT enables companies to offer innovative technologies that government might implement instead of common and less environmentally-sustainable alternatives.

GreenFIT has three primary objectives:

  1. Accelerate business’ access to global markets by using the Government of Ontario as an early adopter to test and demonstrate innovative clean technologies;
  2. Reduce environmental footprints through GHG and air pollutants, waste diversion, resource and energy conservation, and renewable energy generation; and
  3. Measure and showcase the environmental/economic impacts of innovative green technologies and the resulting value for stakeholders and society.

How to Participate in Ontario’s GreenFIT Program

There are two ways for companies to have their innovations considered for purchase through the GreenFIT program:

  • Expressions of Interest: Innovators with an eligible technology can submit an EOI to gather interest from OPS and MASH departments who would’ve otherwise had little to no visibility of the solution.
  • Requests for Bids: Government of Ontario departments often post requests for bids on BravoSolution, a web portal used to advertise government procurement needs.

Applicants Eligible to Participate in GreenFIT

Government procurement services are typically more focused on proposed technologies than anything else. Businesses and innovators from across Ontario will be considered for the program, but will only be called forward in the process if they meet a comprehensive due diligence check.

Types of Projects Suitable for GreenFIT Funding

Innovative solutions that contribute to the ‘greening’ of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and Municipal, Academic, Schools and Hospitals (MASH) will be considered. This encompasses a wide variety of current and future technologies which could improve the function and environmental sustainability of government departments.

Most clean technologies will be considered through the program’s call for Expressions of Interest; however, companies should first check to see is there is an appropriate request for bids via BravoSolution’s web portal.

GreenFIT Procurement Success Stories

Ontario’s GreenFIT Strategy has already been used to connect clean technology innovators with government departments. A couple of these successful projects include:

  • Dorion Fish Culture Station: A fish hatchery’s oil-fired heating equipment was replaced by a new energy-efficient geothermal heating system.
  • Waterloo Biofilter: The Rideau River Provincial Park received an on-site wastewater treatment system to limit energy consumption and overcome the park’s stringent construction constraints.

How to Apply for Ontario’s GreenFIT Procurement Program

GreenFIT is not currently accepting applications. Please contact Mentor Works to learn more about other innovation funding and procurement programs.

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Posted: December 15, 2017. Updated: February 25, 2019.

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