Federal Government Funding Supports Growing Businesses in Waterloo Region

ibi business grants waterlooThe Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev) Minister of State, Gary Goodyear, and MPs, Harold Albrecht, Stephen Woodworth and Peter Braid, were in Waterloo on November 12th to announce a $2 million investment in innovative local businesses. An investment of $1.53 million will be shared by three businesses, and an additional investment of up to $500,000 will support the Golden Triangle Angel Network to further support the growth of the angel investor community in southern Ontario, enabling local businesses to benefit from more investment capital and coaching.

Investments in Local Business to Spur Job Creation and Economic Growth

Contributions from the federal government pledged to support the growth of these three innovative Waterloo region businesses is coming by way of the Investing in Business Innovation initiative. This is aimed at strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Southern Ontario through the support of high growth early-stage businesses and angel investors.

Clearpath Robotics

One of the recipients of IBI funding in the Kitchener-Waterloo region is Clearpath Robotics, a global leader in the unmanned vehicle robotics industry for research and development. Clearpath will use these funds to develop software that will enable faster customization and upgrading of its unmanned vehicles.

WestonExpressions Inc.

Weston Expressions will utilize its share of IBI funding to help finalize its development of an interactive advertising display system called LINKETT. LINKETT identifies consumer behaviours and provides that information to marketers, making in-store marketing efforts more effective and measurable on a real-time basis.

In the Chat

With the support of federal government money In the Chat will expand its digital customer service software which enables large-scale enterprises to support and respond to their customers through text messaging and social media into the United States market.

Learn More about Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) and other Funding for Small Business Programs

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