Canadian Small Business Funding Success StoryThe Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) program provides financial support and mentorship to high-growth businesses and new entrepreneurs to help them scale. There are three streams of funding through IBI:

  1. Early-Stage Businesses
  2. Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Angel Networks

Investing in Business Innovation – Early Stage Businesses

  • Amount: Loan of up to 33% eligible project expenses to a maximum $1 million.
  • Projects: Activities related to late-stage development and early-stage commercialization of innovative, unique products and processes, including business development; Late stage product development geared towards market diversification and growth; Customer and market development; Developing & implementing marketing and distribution strategies.
  • Timeline: Open now, continuous intake of applications.
  • Eligibility:  Canadian incorporated companies; Headquartered in southern Ontario, less than 50 full-time equivalent employees with a sustainable business model.

Investing in Business Innovation for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Amount: Grant of up to 100% of project expenses to a maximum $20 million.
  • Projects: Projects related to provided skills development, education and seed financing to new entrepreneurs and businesses to help them be investment ready.
  • Examples: Business and market development skills programs, early-stage business development programs, seed financing programs and support.
  • Timeline: Open now, continuous intake of applications.
  • Eligibility: Not-for-profit organizations such as Regional Innovation Centres, incubators, accelerators, angel networks and Community Futures Development Corporations; located in Southern Ontario; Sustainable business model and track record of of successful delivery of services to entrepreneur.

Investing In Business Innovation – Angel Networks

  • Amount: Grant of up to 100% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $500,000.
  • Projects: Outreach, Building Capacity, Providing Mentorship, Education and Resource Development and Coordination & Convening.
  • Timeline: Open now, continuous intake of applications.
  • Eligibility: Incorporated Not-for-Profit network Organizations representing angel investors in southern Ontario and located in Southern Ontario.

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