Institutional Proof of Principle (IPoP): Research and Development Funding

The Institutional Proof of Principle (IPoP) program is dedicated to providing Canadian Government funding support to the research discoveries of Ontario`s Public Research Facilities. The program applies to those facilities that are in need of research and development funding for the transfer research discoveries to market-ready innovations.  The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) are one of the primary delivery agents behind the program in partnership with the multi-institutional technology transfer networks.

Canadian Government Funding for Research and Development

The IPoP program can provide up to $50,000 in non-repayable Ontario Business Grants for R&D activities carried out by a publicly funded research institution. The program ensures the implementation of best practices by Ontario research facilities while preparing the transfer of their research to market applications. The IPoP program can also provide beneficial results to potential industry partners that are looking to commercialize their cutting edge technologies in collaboration with Ontario research institutions. Some of the participating institutions include:

Ontario Business Grants for Collaborative R&D and Commercialization

Businesses and researchers may also want to consider some of the Ontario business funding opportunities for later stage R&D or commercialization activities. Currently, some of the more popular programs include:

  • OCE Market Readiness Program: This program provides a maximum of up to $600K in business funding grants towards the later stage development and commercialization of innovative research produced by publicly funded research institutions in Ontario.
  • MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund: Small business project funding grants up to $20K or an early stage investment of up to $500K for the development and commercialization of innovative products and services with sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Colleges Ontario Network Industry Innovation (CONII): Collaborative R&D funding up to $25K per project. Funding could be applied to a variety of activities including technology transfer, commercialization, as well as prototyping and testing.

Support for Small Business Government Grants

Those who are interested in learning more about the current opportunities for Small Business Funding Grants in Ontario are encouraged to sign up for a Free 60 Minute Canadian Government Funding Workshop or receive additional advice by contacting one of our Canadian Government Funding Experts. Businesses can also receive regular updates on grants funding for business in Ontario by following us on Twitter or subscribing to our Weekly Government Funding Canada E-Newsletter.

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