Mitacs Offering 3-to-1 Investment Ratio for COVID-19 R&D Projects

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Mitacs is a Canadian not-for-profit that specializes in designing and delivering research and training programs in partnership with various Canadian universities, companies, and the federal and provincial governments. The organization uses its nation-wide network to connect businesses and not-for-profit organizations with post-secondary talent, equipment, and expertise to develop innovative solutions. Due to the recent novel coronavirus, Mitacs has announced changes to their funding, and is also fast-tracking COVID-19 project approval timelines.

Mitacs has announced they will be offering a 3-to-1 investment ratio for COVID-19-related projects.

What this means is that if you invest $3,750 in R&D wages paid to a post-secondary researcher towards an eligible project, they will match it with $11,250 for a project total of $15,000. This grant can be stacked with other COVID-19-related project funding.

How Mitacs COVID-19 Funding Works

Mitacs works on a project-by-project basis where applicants are matched with an academic researcher to develop an R&D project with the potential for a large impact in responding to the novel coronavirus. This project is then submitted as a proposal, which is accepted or rejected by Mitacs’ COVID-19 funding stream.

“We will continue to focus on our core operations and established programs, while pivoting to combat COVID-19. Mitacs is committed to supporting partners to develop innovative solutions for Canada—and the world.”
 – John Hepburn, CEO and Scientific Director, Mitacs

Both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations in all sectors of Canada may be eligible for funding. Proposals can be submitted any time up to May 15, 2020.

Mitacs Post-Secondary Internships

For a limited time, SMEs who are helping respond to COVID-19 can incorporate an accelerated internship, if it is related to academic research, with a reduced contribution of $3,750 in wages paid with a $15,000 award. This grant may be stacked with NSERC’s $15M in COVID-19 grants.

Students can be added to the development portion of COVID-19 Mitacs projects and may support development with activities such as prototyping, coding, managing data, monitoring cell cultures, and creating visual presentations of modelling.

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